Many people (including me!) are infuriated at the council's proposal to fill Hampton with traffic lights and mini roundabouts etc etc...the joy of our little village is that it is relatively unspoilt. If you do not know what I am referring to, let me know ... if you do and you are upset by these plans...let your coucillors know!

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It certainly would be good to have some information on this. Amanda - can you post a link to where this information is available? I have also emailed the council to see what information they send me!!
Certain roads (those most affected) received glossy brochures on the subject some months ago (Jan or Feb) and there was a consultation meeting which 200 odd people attended (mostly antis - unfortunateIy I was not able to go) and another consultative meeting last month...I will try and get the info sent to me via e mail..otherwise I will need to scan teh origianl document and post it.
Hello all,

I think this is what Amanda is referring to:

(it's safe, just an over-long Richmond Council web link reduced in size!)

The web page contains a link to a .pdf file with all the details of the proposed changes to road layouts/access.

I don't travel through that section of Hampton at peak times myself, although I do understand it gets very busy, but it does seem an awful lot of effort just to make it easier for a few buses to turn right!
tks, Clive. The council very efficiently got back to me and pointed me to the same url you kindly shared with us! But I thought I should give the council some credit for getting back to me so quickly.
Hello Amanda

I think this is a little bit of a misrepresentation of the scheme if you don't mind me saying. (and please, if anybody is reading this I'm not in party political mode. As I wrote in the RTTimes, this is a Hampton issue and not a party one) I happen to support most, not all, of the scheme but fully support the spirit of it.

Firstly the filling of Hampton with traffic lights. Well these would only be on the A308 and there would only be two sets of them. As for the consultation, both sets received in excess of 70% approval each.

The mini roundabout isn't in the original proposal but was actually a suggestion that came from a few quarters including one of the main residents' groups opposed to sections of the scheme. It's a solution with which I happen to agree as the alternative, providing no left turn from Station Road to High Street, would cause unacceptable traffic displacement in residential areas such as The Ormonds and Plevna Road.

A small point of pedantry I hope you'll allow is that these aren't council proposals. The original scheme came from Transport For London who will be putting up the money if, and it is if, the proposals go through. As I understand it some of the less popular aspects are being closely looked at by the council's transport department to see if alternatives are viable, such as the mini-roundabout mentioned above. This is as a result of ward councillor pressure and local resident pressure.

As for ruining Hampton, all I'd say is look at the High Street as it feeds into Church Street on a Sunday afternoon. The non moving traffic sitting there choking one of the oldest and prettiest parts of the village, albeit an outlying part; that's a major despoilation.

There is a very difficult balance to achieve in this situation because, as you quite rightly point out, there are discontents but overall the response to the consultation was in favour - something like 250 for to 150 against with margins for not sure. The question is how do we ensure that those people who voted in favour get their voice heard in addition to those who oppose who, like in any other debate of this nature, tend to shout the loudest. If only the antis are heard then we effectively disenfranchise those people. It's a judgement of Solomon situation.

Where I would agree with you, Amanda, is in your call for residents to still yet contact their ward councillors. I know they are taking this issue very seriously and want to hear from residents.
I realise that the mini roundabout was a compromise solution which is far better than the no left turn from Station Road in to High Street. I am not convinced that there is going to be any less clogged up traffic with this scheme. We just unfortunately suffer from a lack of Thames crossings.

And I do not have any political axe to grind either! I used to vote for the same party for decades but became very disillusioned some years ago and now have no allegiance at all. I never though I would become a floating voter but that is what I am now.

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