You may not have seen the article in the Richmond & Twickenham Times regarding the closure of the Police Station in March prior to closure


There is to be a procession of classic police cars leaving the station this Wednesday 26th February commencing at 11am - they hope as many residents as possible will be able to turn out to wave them off


Looking to the future the rumour which has been going round the village for the best part of a decade is that a certain supermarket has already purchased the building and will be converting it. As far as I am aware this is completely baseless.


A report went to council cabinet last week which listed the police station among the Site Allocations Plan. The SAP is essentially an important document which informs the local authority about the best usage of available land within the borough. The Site Allocation Plan will eventually go out to consultation among all interested parties including residents - as we saw before with the Scout Hut issue




So if you get told in the pub, or in the butcher's queue or while walking the dog that a well known retailer has already acquired the site then take that with a large pinch of salt. When the consultation starts rest assured you'll find a well organised team encouraging you to have your say on the matter!


The RTT article is here




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Thanks Gareth


Surely that site would be ideal for a infant/primary school? It has the grounds, a sports field behind it. Residents living in Station Road, Plevna and all of the other of streets off of Station Road cannot get into Hampton Infants, some have to go to Buckingham.

There is a problem there that needs addressing, and the Council think it would be best to turn the building into flats? Which will then attract more families.....needing schools. Brilliant.

Think I would prefer a supermarket tbh.

This isn't aimed at you Gareth, but its frustrating to see whats will (in all likelihood) happen.

Hi Gareth,

Thanks for the info, however the Free local Times has said in their tiny article that the Police Station is in Tangley Park road which it is NOT lets hope everyone knows it's Station Road.  As for the supermarket I wrote to Dr Cable with copies to you and the council about this some time ago and was assured no plans or requests for planning had been received and would probably be rejected.  I think housing would be a better option even tho' the school issue is still a problem.  At  least St Mary's new school has helped a little.  Not sure the site is large enough for education site and the playing field would have to be purchased too.   Do keep us updated.  Look forward to waving them off on Wednesday in Station Road. 

Supermarket of any sort would present too many dangers with deliveries etc on a part of the road which already has problems with congestion even the buses have to give way to each other and would not be in keeping with the conservation area and beautiful cottages close by.

Thanks again Gareth

Shame it's going, flats is probably the least bad, an another supermarket within walking distance of two chains and number of local shops. A school run on station road frankly is terrifying!

Plenty of room to do something any how.

If it's to be residential lets hope both developers and the council have the sense with all that land to also have allocated parking.  The side roads are already over populated with cars.  Shame the Council dropped it's policy that all new builds had to have car parking spaces.

Hello All

Sorry for the delay in responding. Was leaving it till I got closer to a proper keyboard - marvellous as tablets are they're hateful little things for writing anything lengthy!

Regarding a school, while it would undoubtedly be a good use for the site it really comes down to funding - both of the new school itself and of the existing schools. Of course, first and foremost, the council would have to buy the site and then apply for funding from central government to create the school itself. Unfortunately given the way funding goes these days it is incredibly unlikely that they would unbelt - they're very close to a pound note these days!  And of course it would have a detrimental impact on the funding of our existing schools - if seats aren't filled they don't get funding. It was one of the very real fears regarding the Maharishi School coming in with their two form of entry primary school.

The parking would certainly have to be addressed, I agree. Even the relatively small upheaval in Plevna Road earlier this month caused some real headaches for surrounding roads with the displacement of just 8-10 cars each day.

So one to keep an eye on, certainly, to ensure we all get the result which we think will be best for Hampton but, in the short term, off to Station Road (quite right, Steph!) to wave them off on Wednesday


I have lived in Hampton for 14 years and before then in Teddington for 30 years, so I would say 'I am a local' . Can't remember when the Council insisted on having to have a parking space for a new build but they did, must go and source, unless Gareth can. Then they stopped it. The displacement of cars earlier this month as Gareth said (think there were more) didn't cause too much trouble.  There is a new build proposed at the rear of the Indian restaurant in Station Road, this was stopped a few years ago.  No impact on Station Road, but definitely on Avenue Road.  How much infill can this area take?  If we were not up hill then we too would have been flooded.  I don't go green often, but seriously there can only be so many houses in one area and we are being built out.  People are starting to move out of what is a lovely area, why? because too many buildings and no parking.

I wrote to Council  recently asking to pay for allocated parking outside my house, a no  no ok agreed I wouldn't get anywhere  but at least I would be paying for it as none of us want cpz, I have one small car for which I am prepared to pay to park, is there anyone else prepared to do so, just ONE car within the boundaries of ones home?

Oh what a lovely building the police station in Station Road is. Is it listed? if not, it should be, certainly the frontage, let alone the old 'Blue Police lantern' etc.

Forget the money inhibitions for the council and make it a car park for Station Road businesses and shoppers as part of any development so our community can thrive.

There may be better ideas, but this is mine!!

Agree with Mr Atkinson. Use the car park to help the existing business community. (And the locals.) I am sure the building itself will be converted into flats. But please keep the frontage, it's a lovely building. And the blue lamp. Every time I walk past I recall Dixon of Dock Green. 

If a private developer buys it, the car park wont be given a second thought, although that is what Hampton needs, land is money, and buildings even more.  Unless of course the Council can put restrictions on what can and can't be built there

Janice, I assume the police station curtilage and land is government owned. Can not the local council with the support of the locally elected councillors insist that part of the land is retained / bought by the council. This would be for public parking with time restrictions, (and not  sold off to private developers) with the remainder being sold for private development with yet further parking for the residents of the newly erected dwellings if a planning application is lodged.  Gareth may correct me, but the planners could consider this option, and if possible retain the frontage of the lovely building and 'The Dixon of Dock Green' blue police lantern! 

Another chance for more parking off Station road is unlikely for MANY years to come, so surely now is the time to create some parking spaces as I mentioned above. Since HPN was started parking has always been on members minds in their contributions.
Janice Merritt said:

If a private developer buys it, the car park wont be given a second thought, although that is what Hampton needs, land is money, and buildings even more.  Unless of course the Council can put restrictions on what can and can't be built there

I totally agree with you Charles lets hope the powers that be do so as well.  Gareth you are staying awfully quiet, can you throw some light on this?

Hello Janice

if I have a fault, and Mrs Roberts would at this point raise an eyebrow and say 'A fault?', is that sometimes I'm too quick to jump in with a comment. Also I've been spending some time keeping an eye on the proceedings down at York House for the Public Enquiry for the boatyard development and will be there again tomorrow and also, further to a resident's request, I've been chatting with officers on site to see if we can't get a couple of extra benches and better bins on Hampton Green - to quote EF Benson's Lucia 'How you all work me!'

Anyway - The Police Station.  The building itself and fascia is Grade One listed and is sited in a conservation area. There are very good protections to make sure it is kept. The lamp, I agree 100%, should be retained and I will raise this with officers. That sign board can go though!

As I have mentioned already - and it bears repetition as even at the send off yesterday I would have gone home a rich man had I a pound for everytime I heard the word Tesco - the Site Allocation Plan which is going out to consultation (pending approval at council on Tuesday) is recommending residential use NOT retail.

Regarding the usage of the land itself - the extreme stresses on current parking will certainly be an important consideration for any residential development. It is no silver bullet which would kill an application but it would wound it significantly. As for the council buying a chunk of the site, that is by no means a bad suggestion but an unpalatable fact is that the land is being sold to raise money for a heavily cash strapped police force and they have no obligation to consider what comes after they have gone. The land value could (and I stress could) be diminished if it is split into parcels.

The next step, as I have mentioned, is that the Site Allocation Plan will go out to consultation. If you want the site planning brief to take consideration of the already stretched local parking then it is important that you respond to the consultation. When the time comes then rest assured you'll have me hammering on your real and virtual doors to ensure you know

In the mean time I will sound out council officers to see what could be done to get some benefit of the site for residents

Pip Pip


 Janice Merritt said:

I totally agree with you Charles lets hope the powers that be do so as well.  Gareth you are staying awfully quiet, can you throw some light on this?

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