I've heard a rumour that the Police Station and the garage attached to it, has been sold to a developer.

Does anyone have any real information?  I haven't seen an outline applications, so it may be nothing.

If there is any development, who agrees we should resist any application which does not have sufficient off street parking within the site. My view is that there is already enough competition in the village for the limited space.

John Soones

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I haven't got any info John, but this was always going to happen someday.


Regarding the parking, the fantastic Planning Officers we have at LBR will justify the lack of parking with the great local transport links ("no one will need a car will they?"). They used this line with the flats opposite the station, and would you believe it, the new residents are cramming into the already congested side roads.


Same will happen with the Police Station development, I couldn't be surer of it.

Bit ironic if the potential demise of the Hampton Traffic Division HQ should result in traffic problems!

I have had the rumour confirmed. Another development in an already busy part of Hampton!  The council will not bother with the parking issues as we know only too well from past developments - the flats by the station and Waitrose are a prime example.  I guess when it goes ahead the residents could always park in the Ormonds where there is still  space although with the imminent opening of Waitrose that could all change as commuters park even further away from the station!!

Hi John, have only just seen your post today, due to the Christmas and new year festivities. My son in law is an accident investigation officer, based at Hampton Police Station. I will ask him if he knows anything about this.

Dont expect too much though, Police officers are normally tight lipped about giving info to the public, which is right and how it must be.

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