Is Hampton Post Office, Station Road,  perhaps the worse post office in London for customer service? I am shocked by the way I was spoken to and basically ripped off, by not being given a quote to send an item next day delivery until all the labels had been printed and the letter was flung into the bag behind the counter. Of course, he refused to give me back my letter and demanded the amount. Asked him why he didn't quote me the price before proceeding and was told, that I didn't ask the price of a 1st class stamp, an additional item I was purchasing!  

I have had the displeasure of being served by both these men and each time I come out seething at how impolite and appalled by the level of CS. 

Have made a formal complaint to the PO and will be looking elsewhere to buy my postage stamps in future!  Its scandalous that there are some great people out there that would love to run such a business but instead, it is been taken care of by these two extremely rude and unpleasant individuals.  One more customer they have lost, and judging by Google Reviews, i am not alone in my viewpoint. 

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I believe the elder one is the owner.  One of the people in St John's said he hadn't been well and was trying to sell up.

I use this post office frequently, and I have always found the staff to be highly efficient and yes, a bit brusque - but in a nice sort of way.  The queue moves quickly and I get my business done.  

In the past (before the counter/shop was remodelled) the customer service was a nightmare, but for at least the last 2 years I haven't seen any unpleasantness which is why I have started using this PO again. 

I've never been short changed or spoken to rudely by either of the counter workers, but I have heard from friends who say they can be abrupt, Mr Ahmed who runs the office seems to have a very dry sense of humour which a lot of people misunderstand and the Albanian guy has always been very helpful when I've needed help, maybe I tolerate bad service more than most people

I have been overcharged and in the past I have had disagreements with them, I have got over that, we now banter and pass the time of day, maybe a little tolerance is required, although I do not believe in rudeness.  I see enough people use it, think of Christmas, when the queue was out the door and going along the pavement.  What if it wasn't there?  Think on

Have to agree with this. They are really awful in there. I was misquoted a price to send a parcel to the US - they marked it up by £10! 

With regard to discussion. The moving of the sorting office in Hampton. Moving undelivered mail to Hampton Post office seems crazy given the staff seem to be under pressure to be civil if we read any of the current messages. Also where would this private mail be kept. The shop is already crowded as you can see from the difficulty to access the photo booth. I for one will not use this PO and prefer Hampton Hill in order to receive happy, pleasant and efficient service.

I can recommend the post office in the shop in Hanworth in Bear Road, at the top of Oak Avenue. I think the main PO counter is open normal hours but they have scales next to the shop till and you can drop parcels off up to 11 at night.

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