Hello all, just wanted to advertise the new Woman's Institute that I and the national WI are setting up. It is a wonderful thing and i'm sure many of you have heard of it. What we are now looking for is a place to hold the meetings. It needs to provide a fairly quiet and private space that can hold around 10 people to start with and can provide availability of refreshments. If you can recommend anywhere that would be fab! Also if you are interested in joining up please get in contact with me petrasale@aol.com. It is not the daggy and stuffy WI of the past but a great place to share interests with many like minded females, hopefully make friends and discover new hobbies and skills. xx

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The big table (left hand side) at The Dip spings to mind....
St Theodores Catholic church has a 'parish centre' & Hampton Methodist, Percy Road has both a small & large hall that can be hired by the hour.  Both have kitchen facilities.  Looking at their site they seem to offer women groups so I'm not sure if they would clash with WI or not.  Might be worth giving them a ring.  Not sure if alcohol permitted though!
Hi Petra. This sounds fascinating. Can you tell us a bit about what the new WI will be getting up to? What happens at a truly modern Woman's Institute?

Hi Petra


This sounds really interesting - please could you tell us some more details, such as when the meetings might be - evenings I'm guessing, how often though? Even vague first thoughts would be great, just to see if it's the kind of thing I could get to. What sort of stuff would you do in a WI meeting?! I actually secretly like making jam and baking, is that still allowed these days? :)


Thank you, looking forward to hearing more!



Sounds good to me!  Re a venue: what about the Sea Scouts hut? I may be imagining this but I think I saw an advert somewhere re letting it out. Alternatively the Bell has a small function room upstairs that would be a good size ... with the added bonus of alcohol being available legally and on tap, so to speak...!



Hi Petra

Linden Hall, on the corner of Percy Road and Linden Road, has a large hall and a small coffee lounge which we hire out at evenings and weekends. During the day it is a social day centre.

The hall and lounge are available on any week day from 4pm to 6pm. If you are looking for a later evening slot,then it is available on Wednesday evenings only, any time after 4pm, except for some first Wednesdays of the month. There may be some room for discussion on this if you wanted the hall every Wednesday.

The charges would be £15 for the hall and / or lounge 4-6pm, £30 for the lounge 7-9pm , £35 for the large hall 7-9pm.

The lounge has facilities to make drinks and the hall has a large catering kitchen.

Please email me if you would like to visit us to see the facilities. carol.stratton@hotmail.co.uk

Carol Stratton, chair of trustees Linden hall 


Sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing more.

Petra Sale said:
Hello ladies....we have a date! (finally)
The first meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 11th October at the White house in The Avenue.
All you need to do is bring yourself :)
If you have any questions beforehand, please don't hesitate to email me.
Look forward to seeing you all there!
Petra xx

Looking forward to coming along, thanks.


Alison Cheers

Congratulations, Petra. Glad to hear the first evening went well and interested to hear more as the story develops :-)

Hi Petra,


I would be very interested in joining and look forward to hearing of any meetings you will be having.

I'm looking forward to it and am bringing my two daughters!


Alison Cheers

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