Hampton Social Club are very kindly donating the proceeds of their April Quiz night to Hampton People's Network. The Quiz Night will take place on Friday April 24th and judging by the last one I attended should be a fun and friendly evening. The Quiz night is open to non-members, so anyone can turn up and take part. Teams consist of four or five people and it is about fun rather than being best (although there is a prize and good dose of healthy competition). Questions cover every aspect of general knowledge plus quite a few pop music questions (including when I went identify 20 UK No 1 hits).

Even if you don't fancy the quiz night, you might be interested in joining the Social Club. It is really convenient and once you have been a member for a bit, it gives you a place to go where you can be sure to run into friends.

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Quiz night at the Social Club is always guaranteed to be a good night. A great friendly club.

What if you are on your own and not a member of a team - do they try and fit you in with someone?

Well, they did for me Sue and I am sure they would for others :-)

Hi folks. I just wanted to remind people that the Quiz Night takes place this Friday. It is definitely a fun event and I can guaranteed that you will get a nice welcome even if you are not a member of the club and have never thought about joining. It's just a great group of Hampton people have some fun (and a very reasonably priced drink or two).

Don't worry if you haven't got a team-we'll find you one!
There's a warm welcome, a raffle, all prizes are donated, and a free buffet. The team entry fees and all the raffle proceeds will be handed over to Paul at the conclusion of the quiz to help with the costs involved in the running of this great website.
This charity quiz has raised in excess of £8000 since it began, we are keen to help local charities but we are also happy to contribute to national causes.
We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

I`m hoping to come along to this with a pal of mine.  I know it starts at 8.15 but what time would you suggest we get there to find a team to join?  I don`t want to get there too late when everyone is fixed up.

When I went last year, it was very informal, so I think you should be fine if you get there around 8.15. Is that right, Bill?

8.00 - 8.15 is fine Paul. See you later

Many thanks to everyone at Hampton Social Club for raising £167 last night to support this site. It is having community groups and places that makes a place worth living in!

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