Ok. I am almost admitting defeat. For the third year I have organised a tree for Hampton Square. How disappointing, when you try to do something, to see that the lights were vandalised and the decorations are currently spread all across the square.
It took a huge amount of lobbying and persuasion to get agreement for a tree and three years of extremely hard work to persuade the rest of Hampton that it is worth crossing the road to enjoy the market.
There will sadly be several people who will read this and be feeling smug. Shame on you.
We are a community. We need to support it and help people to feel welcome into it. If anyone would like to decorate the tree again, or is inclined to support and persuade the council it is worth repairing the lights, please feel free to do so.
Tonight I am tired and despondent.
Tonight I shall restore my faith in Christmas by watching Love Actually.

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oh dear, Sarah. Very sorry to hear about. You just need to stay positive (somehow).

I am disgusted and saddened to read this. In a time when we are already losing our identity to be able to celebrate 'Christ'mas without having to call it "Happy Holidays".

What mindless vandals think its ok to desecrate something that is for the whole community (including them). I for one appreciate your hard work and effort Sarah. You HAVE improved Hampton square. Don't give up.

Is there any way you can get the local police to check the CCTV?

Apparently it was kids who also caused some problems for the White House too.... Which probably means they were on CCTV. High jinks, which was probably fun for them. The light wires were destroyed on the first day before we'd even got to market day lighting up...

I'm so sorry to hear that. It very sad news.I don't see how people could do that sort of thing. My husband and i always surpport the market. It so nice in the square why can't people respect that. Have a lovey Christmas.

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