I was slightly taken aback the other week when my partner came home from his weekly football game at the youth centre to find out that due to government cutbacks, this place is going to close down, unless all the footballers pay £5 per term. 


Now I havent investigated and I dont know the inside information or details on this but was still shocked to hear it.


£5 every few weeks, to have a kickabout for an hour or so on a Friday evening is not the problem. But in the warmer months, they move the game over to a local field.... Whats going to happen then? 


This centre isnt just for the youth of Hampton, my partner is 28 and the people he plays with are all of similar age group.


I think that the people of Hampton need to know and understand whats happening with the centre, and if there is anything they can do to save it.


I will repeat, that I dont know if there have been any changes to the above, or if the centre will now remain open, but surely the threat is reason enough to be questioned? 





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