Hanworth Road / Uxbridge Road - Proposed Junction Improvements - Richmond Council consultation

From a Richmond Borough press release (images cut and pasted from the consultation; the dotted lines show the existing configurations):

Following a rise in the number of complaints to the Council regarding severe congestion due to vehicles waiting to turn right into Uxbridge Road from Hanworth Road in Hampton, Richmond Council has reviewed the junction and is now making recommendations for improvement.

Due to the restricted width of the road approaching the junction, the vehicles waiting to turn hold up left turning vehicles behind them. This causes congestion and subsequent pollution.

Therefore, the Council is asking residents for their view on two possible solutions.

The first proposes to increase the width of the road to enable an extra lane on the approach to Uxbridge Road. This allows left turning vehicles to pass vehicles waiting to turn right.

The second option also proposes an extra lane, but at a slightly shorter length. This is to create space for a dedicated right turn lane on Uxbridge Road. This would reduce queuing on Uxbridge Road . However, as with the existing layout, vehicles waiting to turn from Uxbridge Road would block vehicles turning right out of Hanworth Road.

You can vote on the options above at the Hanworth Road/Uxbridge Road – Proposed Junction Improvements consultation page at Richmond Borough council website. The Consultation closes on Friday July 14 2017.

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