Hi all,

Hope you're well!

My partner and I have lived in the area for around 18 months and love it here, although I have been saddened by the increasing number of empty shops in Hampton Hill and Hampton village itself. 

I would like to explore starting a farmer's market in the village if possible (although I know there are a number of regulatory hoops to jump through), and I wondered if there had ever been one here in the past? 

Any advice/insight you have would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks,


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Thanks so much Sarah! I'm actually about to go on mat leave but am still very interested in thinking more about this - will email you in the new year :-) 

Sarah Burley said:

Hi Emma,

I used to run a farmers market in Hampton outside the little Sainsbury's and Hampton Ale House pub, on The Avenue. We worked tirelessly for 5 years to build a reputation and good trade. The square was designed specifically to allow for this to be operational. It was lovely, successful and had a great community of traders. I left because my actual paid-job work is mainly on weekends and I did not have time to promote and run it in addition to my other work. When I departed, Linden Hall said they'd like to run it. They sadly were unable to keep it going and we've had no market for a while. 

One tried opening in Hampton Hill but suffered from not enough people supporting it with enough cash to maintain the stallholders' costs. 

If you would like to give it a go, I can assist in all the things you'll need to do. There are a few hoops, but I have the info if you'd like a chat.

If you have the energy to get it back running again, it would be a wonderful thing! Take a look at Kew market. Theirs is a real success story.

good luck! Call if you need to. sarah@hamptonhampers.co.uk

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