This might seem a strange question but does anyone know where we can hire/borrow a donkey for a short visit to our church? We are happy to pay if its not too expensive. Have tried Hounslow Urban Farm but they don't do visits. There are, I'm sure companies that can bring a donkey along for a short visit but I'm stumped at the moment, Thanks.

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Have forwarded to someone I know used to keep donkeys. Hope she'll know!

I know there was a company who did visits to local nurseries. Think they have been to the Aston Pierpoint nursery in Priory Rd (opposite the doctor's.) Might be worth asking them for a name.

also try

I would like to visit once the donkey is in :))) I love donkeys. :)

Phoebe replied:

 Gosh. For Palm Sunday or just a visit? When we did this kind of thing we were the only people in the north of Surrey doing it. I'd have no idea about donkeys nowadays; I'm sure you could find a pony though. We don't have ours anymore  Let me know how you get on, very curious x

Hi there

I go to St Mary's, Hampton, and we had a donkey leading our last Palm Sunday procession through the streets near the church. I will post on the church FB page to see where it came from, and get back to you. Watch this space!

In the meantime, you can look at some photos of Palm Sunday - and other fun events in the life of the Church - here:

Donkey update!

Here are some numbers to try.

Mike's donkeys 07779 692 092
Cliff Collins donkeys 01473 658 801
Hunt's racing donkeys Ltd  01483 274
Piffams little field ? 01245 224 735
Ours came from Mike's donkeys. Hope this helps!


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