Well Station Road has become a racecourse!!! I spotted them at about 6 o'clock last night belting down Station Road with one adult and two children in each trap.  I was speaking to a neighbour this morning and he saw them at around 9pm, same scenario no lights, no helmets just racing.  How can we stop this?  They were going extremely fast and were dangerous

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This should be a 999 call to the Police.

I would bet they have no insurance for themselves or the horse.

If it appears to be a regular time then the police call might help, they couldn't possibly have got here in time as they were going too fast

If you do not call the Police then really it never even happened, as there is no record of it.

(To be honest I suspect there are not many people living in the area with a horse and trap so they shouldn't be too hard to find.)

That said, the Lady in the Hampton Cellar on Saturday called the Police about all the blatant drug dealing in Ashley Road and no one came......

Was that what all the police were doing up Ashley road the other day? Re the ponies.. is this anything to do with the sign that's gone up on the green re a high court order preventing traveller settlement on the green?

Oh I haven't notice any signage at Hampton Green, or are you talking about the Green near the Nurserylands?  I will have to go and look at the Green near me.  Police must know where they are, if I see them again I will definitely ring the police

I hope they don't make camp on the Green.

There is nothing like fences or barriers to physically stop them just driving on.

Hampton village green. Theres a notice on a post of a high court injunction to stop any settlement

But if you can't read?

jen said:

Hampton village green. Theres a notice on a post of a high court injunction to stop any settlement

Funnily enough, I saw a tethered pony and a trap on a piece of green space in Dean Road a couple of days ago. It did seem very odd.

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