Is it Scared Witless, Greed, Selfishness, I'm alright and to hell with the rest of you or What?

I'm at a loss as to the hysteria, the panic buying, the greedy inconsiderate selfishness of people, or are they just plain bloody stupid.

At 8am this morning a queue of cars trying to get into Little Waitrose car park, hoards of people on foot rushing to the store, followed by them leaving with bulging bags, car boots being filled and emptied shelves.

STOP for a moment and think, the shortage and empty shelves is being created by such obsessive and absurd behaviour, there is no need to buy everything.  One of the staff there told me one person came in and bought as much green vegetables as they could carry. WHY they're not going to last!

One question:- Does anyone know what people are doing with all the Toilet Rolls they have bought?

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Hi Jen, thanks  so much for your kind consideration. I find myself in very strange circumstances though. Having been strict isolating now for 10 days due to existing issues COPD AND Sjogrens [auto immune disease) I now have recent diagnosis of prostate cancer. Must now break my isolation for appointment with consultant at Kingston hospital on Wednesday and then on Friday for PET scan at Royal Marsden. As regards getting food etc as I'm 72 and eligible to use the special hour that Waitrose offer am loathe to join the melee. My wife is a young 68 so cannot use this magic hour though. We seem to be ok with food. a lot better off than some families with different problems like jobs, money etc.We just have to be positive and believe we will get through this.    Thanks Once again Jen tAKE CARE                                                                                 ke Newson. Do you have someone to get stuff for you given your circumstances. Please shout if can get you some bits and bobs

Wishing you all the best. horrid times made worse by horrid circumstances.

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