Just being a Nosey resident!

Does anyone have any idea if the work that is going on in the Jenny Lind is going to be a KFC or what other business it is - and also the work going on next door at was Londis?



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Did hear KFC was turned down, that was sometime ago, we can only wait and see, as for Londis no idea

I now know Londis is going to be a Hair/Beauty Salon, still not sure on the Jenny Lind though!

And now we know! the KFC signage went up this week. My teenagers will never want to eat at home again....

also I believe the new Hampton Hill hair salon will be the lovely people who used to be in station road... 

which hair salon is moving?

The couple from "75" who were in what once was the Blue orchid Thai restaurant opposite the police station.

Let's hope we get a nice Italian restaurant there, although Chinos are starting to do Italian meals in the evening, not that I have tried it, they are playing very low key.  Hairdressers and Indian restuarants we have enough of, although I hate to see migration out of the village, which we saw a lot of a few years ago when Cllr Trigg altered the parking.

  • Janice, Why don't you try Plenty, opposite Hampton station?  The pizzas are delicious, wine good,  the staff very friendly and a lovely atmosphere`

Plenty are good only used them as a takeaway/delivery. But lovely Pizzas.

Plenty is a fantastic place, great food and wine selection, very friendly staff, fantastic ambiance!

Second that, Plenty is a lovely place.

I had my birthday there this year, 12 of us had a wonderful evening, great food, great wine, the pizza's are the best I have and reasonably priced

We go there most months and have got to know Tanya and her staff very well, I couldn't recommend Plenty more highly.

Do they only do pizzas? I was thinking of a pure Italian restuarant with a varied menu.

pizzas, pastas, chicken dishes, you gotta go and try for yourself, I am sure you will love it ;-)

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