They look very striking. Well done the organisers! Good to see the youngster's home-made flags interspersed with the Union Jacks. Although I did hear that some of the home made efforts had been taken down by some of the traders and replaced with the straightforward UJs on on the basis that it didn't fit the shop/establishment profile. Can kind of see their point but won't some of those artistic  children who entered the flag competition tbe upset? I quite like the homemade art. Adds to the charm of the village.           

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Hello Tim


We've been delighted with the positive response that we've been getting from residents all over Hampton, our unique flags are a real talking point!


Just to reassure you, by this evening the final two child designed flags will be up and fluttering in the sunshine over Village Grill and Sparkle Laundrette.


And don't forget that you  can see other designs displayed in the shop windows around Hampton so it's really worth while taking some time to go round the village and admire the children's handywork.


And, of course, while you're looking at the flags don't forget to pop into and support the village businesses!

The flags are brilliant!

Whilst not having the uniform impact of the Union flag from last years Royal Wedding the efforts the children have made in designing their own flags is wonderful.

This is a tremendous opportunity for local children (and their schoolteachers) to showcase their work 


If I was given the choice would of gone for the children's home-made flag.  Instead got the Union Jack, not dissappointed all for a good cause and community spirit - thats what the Hampton Traders Association is all about....Look out for all the children's contribution artwork being proudly displayed in the Traders shop/establishment.   

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