Unless you would like to buy a house on an ex-horse racing track? You have the pick of 3000.


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Oh dear hear we go again.  I've just read about the Jockey Clubs decision to possibly sell Kempton Park racecourse for housing etc. Short of concreting over the river Thames how is the notorious A308 going to cope with the traffic. Thames Water better replace every pipe and drain as a priority before this mad idea takes off. We were confronted with a part sale of the site which caused consternation but this is total lunacy. HELP for the sake of all who live in and around the A308 who will find themselves trapped in their own homes even more than usual. Richmond council comments would be appreciated

If Kempton gets planning approval stand by for an even bigger application from Thames Water
This is an appalling suggestion from the Jockey Club.

At the moment it's important to remember that this is a suggestion; just a suggestion. However I very much fear that Spelthorne may be tempted by the proposals. In a single stroke they would solve ALL their future housing needs over the next four years on just a single site.

Also from a financial aspect it will be tempting for them - assuming every property was a Band D property then 3000 homes would net £5Million a year in council tax.

Suzette and I have already approached council officers to see what input Richmond Council can have into making formal representations against this proposal.
UPDATE - I've been in contact with the Leader of Spelthorne Council who is equally appalled by these proposals. A good sign.

Sadly this has been raging for a couple of years. See' keep kempton green'

They have uncovered some Interesting evidence.

Well as everyone knows this hit the main news last night.  I have just been reading the news on the BBC website and the jockeys are appalled and none of them or the trainers knew about it.  As above selling part of it was bad enough but now the whole jeez

I have something of a feeling that this proposal is something of a Trojan Horse for a smaller development - which will be equally unpalatable as there would be less requirement for the necessary infrastructure and almost certainly less, if any, affordable housing

It would make sense for the Jockey Club to come back later with a 'Look, we know that was an unpopular suggestion so we've come up with this smaller scale proposal'

Janice Merritt said:

Latest news council to buy park for green space source get surrey

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