Know of a modern, decent dentist within 3 miles of Hampton please?

A year ago I moved into the area and am now trying to find a good dentist!  I'm looking for one with a modern attitude and modern equipment, knowledgeable, friendly and open at various times.  Are you able to help me by advising on one please?  Its likely that whoever I choose I will be with for all the years I live in Hampton!

Thanks for your help!


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Courtyard Dental Practice off of Station Road.

Michael Crowley of Molesey Dental Practice is excellent but not sure if they do NHS at that practice.

Courtyard is definitely NHS unless you want a crown, I like the lady dentist she is excellent

Aromaden in Teddington is wonderful but private not NHS.

The Ivy in Teddington is state of the art. We have been with them 10 years! Google em...

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