• Could whoever it is leaving their doggy poo along Avenue Road Hampton PLEASE desist. I am heartily sick of disposing of bagged and unbagged dog droppings. It's unhealthy and unnecessary. I don't have pet myself so clearing up after you is becoming a chore I can do without. It gets trodden into front paths and worse our homes. I'm not sure how many I've removed or how many buckets of hot water I've swilled the street and path with but it's disgusting.  Take it home to your bin and if you've run out of bags go back and pick it up. It is an offence to foul the footpath.

If you know anyone with a dog that does not read this column perhaps you could pass on the message and ask them to be watchful of their fellow walkers.

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I totally agree with what you have said, I have also picked up the bags by the green box.  It was terrible up by Dexters car park recently, not in bags and bikes and people walking through it, about 3 lots

There is no excuse for this.

I suspect it happens early or late in the day when not too many folks are around to catch them.

Still going on, need some CCTV's in Avenue Road, 2 lots between 16 and 18 (which I cleared up) and another lot outside number 10, not the same dogs going by what has been left.  So two people than sneak around early morning or late at night

I am getting FED UP with this, not only do I clear up people's dogs mess but tonight took even a different slant on things.  YES the person picked up the poo and it was in a bag but it was then left in MY RECYCLING paper, so I had pick it up yet again and put in my black bag.  PLEASE PLEASE pick it up and take it HOME.  I don't have a dog for that very reason I can stand what they do in public places let alone tonight on my property

I sincerely hope that the lazy do walker will turn over a new leaf in the New Year and take all it's dogs mess home.  Over the Christmas period bags of the stuff are now in the kerb and on Saturday, after the refuse collection, one lot was thrown up one of my neighbour's path to within two feet of his front door.  The bins being left out let on no one was there at the time, I believe this time it was done in daylight.  Wish we could catch the person.

Nope - more dropped this evening, always the same side on Avenue Road, today between 4 and 5, thus far we are finding out that it's no resident of Avenue Road.  This needs sorting and none of know how.  People are blaming Dyor House, I am not but let the word spread PLEASE this has to stop a lot of kids live down this road.  It's FOUL, excuse the pun as this is far from funny now

The dog walker has been observed this.New year's day. He went into the flats at the end of Avenue Road after disposing of his poo bag in someone's front garden. Please keep a sharp eye out as we do not know which flat he lives in.  I wonder Gareth if you read this.you could give us some advice. His response was the expected bad language so need to follow thro'  within the law. 

Is this a matter for the Council or the Police?

There are signs up all over Hampton warning of large fines for not picking up, so who actually enforces it?

No signs down Avenue Road, only up by The Green.  Hence we do not know how or where to go and enforce it.

Well the Council puts the signage up so I would hold them responsible for the enforcement??

If they can't enforce this law it does not bode well for their 20 mph speed limit proposals.

I have also noticed a big increase in dog poo in many other roads around Hampton.

I suspect it's new dog owners not up to speed with their dogs bowel movements and not carrying bags to collect it.

Also there must be a lot of cyclists using the pavements as there are tyre tracks through many poos, spreading it even further.

Not much fun being a pedestrian in Hampton!

Not a good start to the year.

There is an online form to complete where you can include info about the person, their dog, where and what times they walk. Council street enforcement can only issue penalty if they view an incident.

I have a dog and hate the anti dog sentiment that seems to be prevalent. But it is very limited to just a handful of owners (just like speeding is a handful of drivers or cycling on pavements a small number too). I do know (not personally) one person who never picks up but not sure they live in the flats

I know this will not do anything, after having a rest for a few weeks I have now got a pile of poo outside my house.  Can the dirty owner of the dog come along and pick it up please.  I can pick up some but not this lot - sorry. It's half way down on the right hand side facing from Station Road, it would be much appreciated

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