• Could whoever it is leaving their doggy poo along Avenue Road Hampton PLEASE desist. I am heartily sick of disposing of bagged and unbagged dog droppings. It's unhealthy and unnecessary. I don't have pet myself so clearing up after you is becoming a chore I can do without. It gets trodden into front paths and worse our homes. I'm not sure how many I've removed or how many buckets of hot water I've swilled the street and path with but it's disgusting.  Take it home to your bin and if you've run out of bags go back and pick it up. It is an offence to foul the footpath.

If you know anyone with a dog that does not read this column perhaps you could pass on the message and ask them to be watchful of their fellow walkers.

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Last Friday someone bagged up their dog's mess and threw it onto our door step.  We are so lucky to have some really nice people living in Hampton now!

Sure those helpful newspaper print outs on the lamposts will help! Oddly the placing of stickers/notices without prior permission is also prohibited. And enforced by the same team as dog fouling. :-)

Whoever put those signs up I applaud them, it must be someone else who is getting fed up with all the dog fouling around Hampton at the moment. In the end the poo that was deposited outside my house, and not in a bag, I had to pick up, which made me feel sick.

Jen people are always putting notices up without permission, for missing animals etc so I don’t think there is any harm in that, maybe you haven’t had any trouble.

Irony Janice.. that's all.

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