I saw a photograph on Facebook the other day of an event in 1940. IT was when Major General Fortune surrendered the 51st Highland Division to Erwin Rommel at St. Valery En Caux France. I was reminded of when I lived in Oldfield Road with my parents. Our local Postman Fred Lee lived opposite us with his mum and dad. Fred worked out of the Sorting Office which was on the corner of Oldfield Road next to the fish and chip shop. Fred went off for his two week annual camp with the T.A. Unfortunately, The East Surrey Regiment was then sent to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force. the 'East Surrey's' were all taken prisoner along with the 51st. Fred had gone off for his two week camp and came back five years later. Now that is what I call bad luck. I Remember his home coming we had 'Bunting' across the road and a bed sheet with 'Welcome Home Fred' painted on it. The whole Road turned out to cheer Fred home.

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wow. Great to hear from you again Bryan. Its good to remember the past and to make connections between what for most of us is becoming history and people and places in our neck of the woods :-)

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