From 1935 my family lived in Hampton. 1941 I attended Junior (Now primary) school in the old 'Grammer School' in Oldfield Road. Percy Road School was being used as an ambulance station and community clinic. I say 'ambulance', they were no more than old grey vans with a couple of metal stretchers inside. The playground had a very big static water tank holding thousands of gallons. The old Grammer School had a very large field and grounds in the grounds was the engineering factory's 'Gay Brothers' pattern shed. One night the Luftwaffe bombed the school, missing the building but the Pattern Shed was burnt to the ground and the field was littered with  Incendiary Bombs. Even though the shed was still smoldering and all the bombs were sticking out of the ground we still all attended school. My older brother who was a pupil at the new Grammer School in Hanworth Road (He retired as the Chief Inspector at Hampton police traffic garage) managed to dislodge two of the Incendiary Bombs, brought them home and we had them on the Mantelpiece. I do not know what became of them. I believe it was in the summer of 1944 a 'Doodlebug' (flying bomb) exploded in the Water Board's Reservoir on the Sunbury Road and blew out all the windows and damaged the front of the School. I remember we did not attend school for two or three months. I retired as a mounted policeman patrolling the Royal Parks. I can think of worse jobs !!!

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