Does anyone know of any jobs going that are local to hampton (or easy to get to by train)? 

My husband is originally a software tester / data analyst but is finding it difficult to get back in to work after taking time off to look after our daughter. He is now looking for pretty much anything in the local area (would prefer not to be too much customer facing). Any kind of entry level job like office admin, shelf stacking etc. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Shame you didn't post this 2 weeks ago. We had quite a few vacancies here where I work at Hallite in Oldfield Road.

If any more pop up I shall let you know. Good luck to your husband in the meantime.

have you tried temping agencies, the sort you walk into on the high street or phone up? (I'm a big believer in making an impact through introducing myself in person not just emailing) I got a permanent job after starting a temping post. there are more blokey agencies, if I am allowed to say that these days, but when i did mine with office angels (kingston) they had men on their books who would move furniture in offices etc. Also RACC will do free careers advice if you are not salaried, I don't think you have to be a student there although i took advantage of it when i was doing a bookkeeping course to change career I used to be a programmer myself.

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