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This has just landed in my inbox - slightly edited to remove jargon

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thames Water has two serious water leaks on large mains in Thames St / Hampton Court Rd Hampton. As these leaks are close to each other it has been agreed that Thames Water should complete both carriageway leaks under the same traffic management plan.

All west bound traffic flows will be maintained at all times. The right hand turn into Church St will be maintained at all times. East bound traffic will be diverted into High St Hampton and diverted into Church St and then back onto Hampton Court Rd. TfL London buses have had input into this proposal.

All of these works are to be undertaken during the school half term period 25th October to the 31st of October.

Thames Water will be working extended hours at the Councils request from 07:00am to 19:00pm every day.


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So, they are saying that the level crossing barriers are controlled on a timer - well that is a load of locks and balls. It is a switch - when the train is approaching the barriers go down and when it leaves they go up. Sure there is a timer involved but that kicks in after the train has reached a certain point upon leaving. What they say about extra time for leaves is an insult to intelligence.

Oh and once again this morning, two of the three holes were void of any workmen. Three holes dug in the same area! The council should write a book - How to Maximise Disruption for by Dummies.

Ian Cook said:

On or about the 9th October Network Rail lengthened the time the level crossing at the junction of Percy and Station Roads now stays down, their reason,..”in case a train slips on leaves”.  What leaves?

I spoke to Network Rail and they stated they probably didn’t bother to consult with or inform the local authority of this intended action, and as far as they are concerned it’s not their problem but one for the local authority and particularly the Highways Department .

Gareth gave me the contact details for Cllr. Stephen Speak, Cabinet Member for Highways and Streetscene, after explaining the problem to him he replied as below:-

"I'll ask council officers to take this up with their Network Rail contacts and check if there is a specific reason why barrier down times have been increased and whether it is a permanent or temporary change (and at what times of day).  I'd like also to know if the change impacts the Strawberry Hill level crossing too.

I'll also ask officers also to speak with TfL in case they want to lobby Network Rail about a consequent delay to buses.

As you have identified Network Rail do seem to prioritise rail safety and their own operational requirements before considering the community and Highways impact.  Zac Goldsmith MP and I did in fact meet with Network Rail in August to discuss this significant and longstanding problem across all level crossings, but are awaiting their proposals".

However a month on and surprise surprise nothing has changed, apart from the road works making it worse than ever.

With regards to impatient drivers dodging the queue by going down the wrong side of the road, including some 216 buses, traffic coming from Station Road cutting the corner and going across the pavement, having told Cllr. Speak this it does seem obvious that the safety and wellbeing of pedestrians and residents is of little concern or importance as this situation is ignored and allowed to continue.  

God forbid if something terrible happens as a consequence, who would one hold responsible?   I bet you we'd get knocked over in the rush for cover! 

KerryW said:

I've managed to avoid Thames Street when I remember but does anyone know why the level crossing is now staying down for a minimum of two trains? The tailbacks have reached beyond Priory Rd and down to the A308 with idiots overtaking the queue and turning into Ashley Road or Station Rd. I waited 16 minutes outside the junior school last week - half term so it was quieter. 

I am just waiting for a terrible accident to happen due to the time the gates are now down. Every day I witness thoughtless, stupid drivers who are too impatient to wait, drive like idiots on the wrong side of Percy/Station Road to avoid the long wait. The traffic goes back beyond Priory Road and down to the A308.They have absolutely no consideration for pedestrians trying to cross the road. If you dare to say anything you get a mouthful of abuse as if you are in the wrong. The 216 bus now seems to think it is OK to mount the pavement at the corner of Station Road to race round into Percy Road then grind to a halt because of the queue of traffic. If anyone is walking alone this road when this happens I dread to think of the consequences. It also now happens that drivers, coming out of Waitrose, think it is fine to drive straight across into Oldfield the wrong way! I despair.
Do our Council not have any obligation to keep our roads running smoothly and our pedestrians safe when walking along our pavements? It seems they do not.
I agree with you Jane. Trying to cross the road with a child on percy road when it gets dark is dangerous. You have cars/lorries/buses trying to squeeze down percy road, cars pushing their way out of oldfield road, cars trying to get onto oldfield road, waitrose customers pulling out, you need about fours sets of eyes to try and cross safely. Then there are the fumes of all these vehicles stationary for all this time, for the residents of percy road this is worse than living in central london?? I did see some cameras up a few weeks ago on percy road and rang the council to find out what they were for, no one seemed to know and was promised a call back, but never heard anything! I like to think that someone somewhere is thinking about the traffic situation and that there has to be a solution, I don't think this can go on? God forbid that anything tragic happens before the transport division takes action.

The cameras on Percy Road may have been there as part of a traffic survey conducted in connection with the proposed development of 1500+ homes at Kempton Park. See, the website set up by campaigners against these proposals (to whom I have no connection; other providers of information may be available).

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