I heard that Marks & Spencers will be opening a store in Hampton Hill, on the site where the Farmers Market used to be.

Anyone knows if that's really true or not?


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Seems unlikely with one just a mile away if that in Teddington...

Er it's probably the same rumour that has been going around for 2 years. It is unlikely as Sainsburys would be reluctant to give up their 25 year sub lease to another food provider and there is little parking.  Still who knows.

Close proximity of another outlet didn't stop KFC - there's one just beyond Apex Corner -  up the road from Wickes's.

An interesting idea. Would Marks and Spencers be more attractive to the residents of Hampton Hill than KFC?

And the distance between Hampton Hill and Apex corner? I still think its unlikely. What with Sunbury M&S that would be 3 within 2 miles...

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