Only a small point I guess in the grand scheme of  local things, however does anyone else find it irritating that anyone getting off a train at Hampton in the evening rush hour, has to wait 5 minutes whilst everyone squeezes through a narrow exit? There hasnt been a guard there for at least 20 years and not everyone had an oyster card that they need to 'touch out', so why make it so difficult? Surely the gap can be widened to make it easier?

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Christine - your surname rings a bell. Were we at school together? Hampton Infants? (when it was next to the Railway Bell) Hampton Junior? 

Catherine Purves nee Nicholas

christine turner nee pallant said:

Just found this site, I was born in Hampton 1960 we lived at 49 Oldfield Road, my Great Grandfather first lived there, Mrs Hancocks was next door to us, I was reading about the shops and my Mum used to work in the Magnet grocery store Oldfield road, the owner was Sheila, and remember having to help out one Saturday morning with Mum as Sheila got held up, I used to love helping out. My Mum and Dad moved to Australia in 1988 and I followed them in 89.

Hi yes we were at school together, I think you are in one of the photos that I have put on facebook page Did you/do you live in Hampton. How are you?  As you can see we live just outside Brisbane, we have 2 girls Roxanne 24 and Lauren 20, how about you where do you live now etc and are you in touch with any school  friends, I have Janet Cotrell on my face book, but lost touch with my friend Sarah Coles, tried to keep in touch but she didnt, but never mind, anyway must be off, check that page out if you have facebook as there are a few photos on there. Good to hear from you, bye for now Christine 

This thread was supposed to be about overcrowding at Hampton station at peak times..........

but it beats me why it is so popular as the train service is better elsewhere like Teddington, Esher and Twickenham.


Must be overcrowded due to the overdevelopment of new houses in the area that us commuting wage-slaves have to work to pay for!

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