Missing since early morning Fri 24/3, a white and chocolate neutered male birman. Eighteen months old, blue eyes, white fluffy body, brown face, tail, ears and paws. Please can you check your garages, sheds or anywhere a cat could find his way into.

Family are extremely worried, as he normally only goes out for an hour or two at the longest. If you know of anyone who has recently started feeding a cat, or are a driver who may be aware of an accident that Marlowe could have been involved with, or of course if you see or find him, please contact Lynette on 07577 971431

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Saw a cat that looked like this earlier, in a garden on Wensleydale road backing onto the alleyway - will keep an eye out tomorrow.

Thanks Dan, that would be much appreciated, please keep me posted. Lynette

Dan - I found him exactly where you described! Out of all the posters, leaflets social media - it was your tip off that led me to him. I have lived in Hampton for 20 years and I didn't even know this alleyway existed - I just thought there were garages behind the bank. Walked down the alleyway calling him and about 300m down he replied and then his head appeared. I don't think he would have found his way back from there and had clearly been spooked to have crossed several roads. So thank you so much for your help and for being so observant. Can you private message me? I would like to get you something to say thank you.  And many thanks HPN. Best wishes, Lynette

Brilliant news!!! I did share your post on facebook and really hoped you would find him. Well done Dan.

A happy ending thank god

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