I sent this a week ago to SWT Customer Services (pictures referred to are not included below) and await their response with interest. There is nothing like a good rant to make you feel better!:

Dear Sir/Madam,


On 6th December I renewed my annual season ticket from Hampton to All London Terminals and was expecting some compensation due to the appalling service that I had been experiencing for several months (and am still experiencing.) I received a paltry £29.70 and was given the following 'void dates' in 2014:












See also first picture below.


I was very suspicious that I had only received compensation for 9 days because I knew I had suffered on more than 9 occasions but could not prove it. However I then remembered that on 2 of the occasions I actually posted on Facebook what was going on and I have found 2 of those posts, neither of which are on dates that I had been compensated for.


As you can see from the second picture below, on 28th October the 7.09am from Hampton was cancelled, the 7.20 was 10 mins late and only 4 carriages long and having just managed to get on that, it was terminated at Kingston and we were all advised to get off at Hampton Wick and wait for the next train. There was NO explanation about this at all. If this does not deserve compensation then I don't know what does?


I also posted on 6th November that the trains were all delayed again...another date that was not included in my paltry compensation. See third picture below.


Someone else in Hampton who bought his monthly ticket in January got £45 knocked off his bill – totally inconsistent with what you paid me. See forth picture below.


Just how do you calculate compensation? It does not appear to be very scientific and it is certainly not accurate or fair. Please re calculate what is due to me. I look forward to hearing how much more you will be paying me.


And finally, please note that I am now keeping a diary of 2015 disrupted train journeys so that I will have instant evidence to hand when I need to renew my season ticket this December.

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Hi Amanda, I wish I kept the receipt for my £45 refund but I'm sure it was for the 11 disrupted days in December only, was the £29 you received for other months as well?!?! I also have no idea how they work this out as I have only ever received £5-£10 before. I have since written to Mr Shoveller (CEO of SWT) and sent a copy to Dr Cable to tell him what terrible service we have had since the beginning of the year. I also asked him why he was ok to reply to Vince Cable (who contacted him on my behalf, as I hadn't heard anything back from their customer service from a previous email) I'm yet to hear back! Thankfully over the last few working days things seemed to have improved, maybe someone is listening - looking forward to the snow in the next couple of weeks!
My measily £29 covered the whole year of my annual season ticket :( I have always eventually heard back from SWT when I write to them but it's not always a satisfactory response. In fact many years ago they even sent me a bottle of wine! (I can't remember why..) However I'm really looking forward to an answer to my recent missive. The writing to the CEO idea is a good one - I've done that with other companies to good effect - I'm not sure why I've not done it with SWT, although I imagine he must be flooded with similar mail. Watch this space....
Well Chris ... At last I heard back from SWT and apparently there is £52.80 awaiting me at any station! I'm glad I persevered...
Glad to hear it Amanda, with another cancelation this morning I hope the refunds will keeps coming
I hear that SWT's franchise is going to be extended - four more years of miserable service to come. Gareth, I suspect that when Vince Cable tackled SWT he was brushed off. Renationalise our railways now!
Pleased I worked from home then! What was cancelled this morning and what was the excuse this time?

I worked on Hampton Station from 1948 until 1551. The slow half hourly service (8 and 38 past the hour) was the same then, other than we had 'Slam Door Trains'.The Station was fully staffed with porters. Now, until Vince Cable starts shouting we want to change the 'Franchise' the timetable will not improve. 

I knew it was too good to be true. They have just refunded me for problems since I renewed my season ticket ... (Plus, bizzarely, a date in 2012) So they will be hearing from me again. Maybe they will actually read my e mail properly this time though I'm not holding my breath.

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