Just noting that the next in the NTL series, Hedda Gabler, is on Thursday night at Hammond Theatre.

Has anyone been along to one of these simulcasts? Curious as to how they're set up.

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I have been to a couple at  Feltham Cineworld. The screening started at 7pm and the camera was setup in a seat in the stalls and you watched people coming in around you. They cut away to a couple of films where they interviewed the cast or director etc. Then at 7.30 the curtain went up and you were watching the play, live. The camera does close-ups etc on the action, which was a little odd as in the theatre you don't see people's faces close up (unless its the Orange Tree..). At the interval they cut back to the auditorium and a countdown to the next act. It was good, a lot cheaper than a Barbican ticket for a sold out show if not quite the sames as seeing it live.

Cheers, thanks Samantha.

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