Still quaking from a nasty experience at 13.10 today.  

I'd just walked over the railway bridge towards Tudor Road on the east side and was a couple of strides from crossing Wensleydale Road towards Lloyds Bank when a young teenager wearing a black T-shirt and on a black bike and I very nearly collided.  

I was walking swiftly towards the corner with Wensleydale Road, he was riding absolutely full pelt along Wensleydale Road on the pavement towards Station Road.  The corner was blind for both of us. He swerved, saying sorry but neither stopped nor let up in pace and carried on along Station Road, whether on the pavement still, I'm not sure as I was quite shaken.  He must also have cycled at furious pace right across that very nasty 4-way junction.

I couldn't help but think, what if I'd have been a millisecond sooner - we would undoubtedly have collided.  Had I been a child running or scooting, the consequences could have been serious.  

I've learned a lesson and I hope this lad has too. 

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