I sent an email to Gareth earlier (Below) there has to be something to stop the annual madness created by the damned Railway, not only do they run a dirty, expensive and less than average service, they also have an unquestionable knack and absolute disregard for blighting lives in other ways as well!

Good Afternoon Gareth,

As you will be aware, NetWork Rail in their 'infinite wisdom and incredible insight' may have spotted a leaf on the track, and here we are again with imposed extensions to the level crossing downtime, the inevitable delays, traffic jams, danger and the pollution we are having to endure as a consequence of their banality.


Sooner or later there is going to be an accident here, with drivers tearing down the wrong side of the road to avoid queuing, it seems both North and South directions of Percy Road are now in the ‘game’ South to get into Oldfield and North for Station Road, irrespective of the road being clear. 


Apart from the dangerous and inconsiderate driving behaviour, there is now the increased pollution level, with cars just sitting.


At least I have achieved a small part towards reducing that problem, thankfully after many discussion with Nigel Harris at London United, the majority of 111 buses (216s still not onside, yet) now turn their engines off here and on the opposite side by Hampton Junior School, again something that LBRUT, instead of excuses, should have discussed with them, but I guess I was expecting too much of them.


I have tried speaking to someone with sense at LBRUT, the last person whose name sadly I didn’t get said…"in my ‘opinion’ it isn’t really a problem as people know this is what happens….”. The thing is it wasn’t his ‘opinion’ I was seeking, what I and everyone else is expecting from them is some type of enforcement or action or even a conversation with NetWork Rail to stop this annual madness.  In all the years we have been here there has NEVER been an incident with leaf fall and sliding trains, NetWork Rail even admit it has never happened.


The Police aren’t interested, and like last year they said…."it’s LBRUT that has to deal with it and sort out, and good luck with that!"


Just supposing there is an accident/incident who, apart from the driver, would be culpable?


About an hour ago I came back from Kingston, walking around the corner at home, there was a 111 angled across the junction, I was confronted by a woman driving on the wrong side, with a procession of cars behind her, on the pavement turning into Station Road, somehow I was in the ‘wrong’, followed by foul language and the threat, ‘I’ll F*****g run you over if you don’t get out my f*****g way’.  


We cannot come out our gate in safety, you only have to look at the tyre tracks!


Perhaps you would be kind enough to give me a call or a knock so we can discuss what actions to take.


Kind regards,


Ian and Jane

Cc: Cllrs. Nicholson and Sale

If you are one these drivers, please think what you're doing.

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Hi Ian

Thanks for raising this with me. As per my email response I've contacted the local Police team to see what steps they can take. They in turn have also reached out to the British Transport Police to see who has responsibility for Hampton Station.

Additionally I've written to the cabinet member for highways on Richmond Council asking for his assistance in reasoning with Network Rail and South Western Railways. Also to see if there can be some enforcement/education regarding the double white line jumping and engine running

Just for clarity, nobody is asking for this crossing to be made less safe but there is clearly a balance to be reached between rail safety and road safety. The prolonged deployment of the barrier has a questionable impact on rail safety yet increases the risk regarding road safety. It's only a matter of time before the near misses become collisions.

Thanks Ian - I've pinged this post at Hampton police's Twitter account. They seem to have a pretty pro-active community team so hopefully if we can all bring this issue to their attention and they can start keeping a better eye on this specific blight.

Well the first accident has just happened.

An elderly lady in her car coming out of Oldfield Road, east side, into Percy Road, her right of way clear, apart from a large white Mercedes van tearing down Percy Road, on the wrong side, side swiped her. Reason,"...well there was a queue..." 

How many more?

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