I have noticed that the white signs on the St John's side of Station Road have been marked up for new paving.  Is the other side, ie Aster side, being done?  That's the side I put down as well as the ones marked, all are dangerous

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It is great to see the new pavements appear on Station Road but there was a downside when late on Monday night (6th Feb)in the pouring rain, a gas company dug up the new pavement outside Hampton Bathrooms.  Are the gas company going to make it "good as new" at no expense to the taxpayer when the repair is complete?  Or will it be down to the Council to repair it since they are already in situ with the necessary "repair kit"?

The bit that was dug up was laid by tfl, not the council so this will be interesting.  I like the 'little disruption' whilst the work is being done.  Why don't they finish one section before they start another. Yesterday they had taken all but a few of the parking spaces up.

I am glad to see that people are moving the cones in Station Road on the side where nothing is being done as yet, why do they need to block everything up? We have a pile of the barriers at the bottom of Avenue Road, taking up valuable parking spaces and they haven't moved for over a week.

On going out about 1 o'clock not a workman in sight, upon my return at about 4pm saw 2 of them packing up.  It's going to be a long old haul.

Wednesday and Thursday not a workman to be seen and they have started to move the cones along the road again.  I think the Council should do something about this as they said 'as little disruption as possible'. Well that would be ok if we actually saw some movement.  Gareth can you help?

Cones moved again but people getting fed up with them being there and not a dam thing being done

No point in Richmond Council sweeting (which I cannot do) with  a photograph of outside Wine and Cheese that was done yonks ago, how about a picture showing what isn't being done today.  I will take a picture if I can and post on here sometime over the weekend, maybe tomorrow.  Bet there's men working then

you are getting new pavements so please stop moaning for the sake of it.

There is no need to be rude.  Maybe you haven't been affected by the fact that half of the parking spaces in Station Road have disappeared. Putting more strain on the side roads. As people are moving the bollards I think others might be getting a bit fed up as well.

Hello Janice

Sorry, have only just seen your message. Is this still an issue? Drop me an email cllr.groberts@richmond.gov.uk

Hi Janice, ignore Hammer - he seems to enjoy being rude to people on here. Hope things are now sorted.

Thank you Ben.  Not really sorted but I have emailed Gareth as he requested.

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