According to the bus stop there are no buses from yesterday until the 6th Sept.  Some form of notice would have been appreciated as to get into Kingston it's either Percy Road or Garricks Temple.  I had to walk back from the doctors yesterday with a recently bandaged leg in 33c heat.  According to the tweet from Thames Water it's now the 9th Sept.  13 days without buses really isn't acceptable.  No warning, people were standing waiting for buses yesterday before any notice on the bus stop.  How about letting local people know.  It's a fair walk to either of those two bus stops, and you would have to come back without any shopping.

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Hi Janice,  the roadworks have finished and the road is open.  The buses are running as normal!  

Janice Merritt said:

Just been out for my last walk at 8.45pm and a 111 came along.  Can anyone tell us whether we have a bus service or not. I am trying to work out how to get to Kingstone hospital>

Thanks Jane, I will not tell anyone sitting waiting for a bus that they are not running, although the bus stop is still out of use, what a mess up. At least we can get into Kingston now if we wish, no trains also meant that we couldn't, bravo they finished the water works early

It would be extremely helpful if TFL could take down the signage at the bus stop.  It has had people confused all day and I have just spoken to a couple reading about there being no buses and I explained that we have had them since last night. My app and Google are also still saying they are not being serviced.

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