More Thames Water roadworks on Hampton Court Road, this time for 6 weeks. No, you didn't misread: 6 weeks of traffic disruption, delays, more fumes and so on.

Is there nothing we can do to get Thames Water to see sense and make a proper long-term investment strategy for the mains under HCR? Or at the very least to offer a refund on water rates to its customers most affected by its work on HCR.

Oh, I forgot: shareholders first, customers and residents a long way second!

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TW social media gurus on the Twitter assuring me will be complete by 22april

I have lived in the village for 20 years and Thames Water repairs on this road have always created problems and traffic chaos for the residents of Hampton.  If they indicated at Sunbury Cross the wait time for traffic at peak times, it may enable drivers to seek an alternative route whilst the works are being carried out.  The weekly refuse collection today on Station Road at the busiest time of the morning did not help the situation at all, in fact, it added to the frustration of many drivers!!

Correction.... Theyve reconfirmed it's just the current bit that finishes 22. They move a bit further and restart . and so on. So looks like May time

jen said:
TW social media gurus on the Twitter assuring me will be complete by 22april

Since I have lived here, from 1999, the road has always been dug up.  My biggest moan is that we are not informed.  Unless you go down to the road you would not know (I only found out from this site).  Yesterday I warned my son who was picking me up from West Molesey that they were there.  He didn't know.  His wife took over an hour to get onto HC bridge in the morning - going to an interview - she just made it.  We are never told and that's what I think causes the trouble, as there are very few alternative routes, one should be at least informed so one could plan the journey differently.  I now take to going onto the BBC news website (which I read in the morning) - hit the London button and you can find our where the hold ups are and of course the A308 is always there.  More info is needed for locals let alone from those travelling from Sunbury Cross.  Come on council INSIST they let locals know other than the signs on the road that is being dug up.  If you don't commute everyday then you don't know.  Here endith the lesson

Well now the gas folk are closing Ormond Avenue on 26th April.Couldn't this be delayed until TW have finished. This means our alternative route out of Hampton via Hampton Hill towards Kingston will be closed for those of us who live in and around Station Road and side roads trying to avoid Hampton Court. HELP

I agree Steph, as also living on Station Road, at the moment an alternative route out of Hampton is imperative especially on the mornings I am the one doing the school run as we leave at 7.45am and the traffic on Station Road is already building up at that time!  I noticed that gas works are planned for 26th April although it doesn't indicate how long this avenue is being closed for and yes it is a route that I am taking at the moment to avoid the heartache of having to sit in the traffic at the bottom of my road!

Ormond Avenue closed 26 Aril to 10 May?????

Gareth, it's totally nonsensical for Ormand Ave to close while HCR is also being worked on. Can you work with the Council to get the permission for BG to do this work pushed back to after May 22nd?


Gareth Roberts said:

You know me, Ian. Never far from a keyboard so of course am fully aware of the upheaval - expressed both on these boards and in my in-box.

I'm in contact with the relevant authorities, see if something can be done but I'm advised that these are vital works.  Still worth investigating if the pressure can be alleviated somewhat.

As for compensation - well it's difficult to say. Certainly it would be difficult to quantify who would be eligible. The whole of Hampton? Areas beyond Hampton? People living directly on the road affected? Shop Keepers and small businesses only? That's if compensation exists at all. 

What might - and I stress the adverb - be possible would be approaching TW for some donation toward a community event (for example Screen on the Green). It would at least be some small recompense for six weeks of upheaval coming hot on the heels of the previous road works.

Ian Lancaster said:

Ginny, Thames Water's behaviour and investment policy shows they are totally unsympathetic to local residents. Sorry to say...

Are any of our Councillors reading this thread? Any suggestions as to how we get compensation from TW?


According to the RUT website, the works are from the Junction of Station Road. if this is shut, the level crossing gates down and with the HCR roadworks, we will effectively trapped. These works must be deferred- Gareth please let us know what can and will be done.

If this goes ahead I feel sorry for Station Approach and Wensleydale as they will be the only escape routes left, as traffic will be heavier for them

I went onto the RUT site and it makes very good reading it seems the whole area is being dug up

The gas board signs have been removed from Ormond Avenue!!!does that mean the work and therefore the closure is being delayed.  I do hope so?

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