Work on this site is now going at full pace. Whatever this buiding is going to be,I might be wrong but would guess apartments, bringing into Hampton streets many more cars in an already congested parking area. Oh and of course we will also have to face the development of the old police station.

I hope our council leaders are plying pressure on TFL, to extend zone 6 to at least Sunbury or even Shepperton which will ease the pressure on Hampton streets.

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Which one?

But I admire your faith and optimisum. Now wait for the excuses.

Hi Mike

We’ve raised the extension with SW Trains/ South Western Railway on a number of occassions and the reply is always the same. ‘Why would we volunteer to lose money?’

Which is effectively what they’d be doing.  They get extra money in fares for each and every stop beyond Hampton so there’s no commercial benefit to them.

Of course what should have happened is that when the franchise was re-let the branchline should have been subsumed into the whole of Zone 6, but it wasn’t so here we are. We’ll keep plugging away.

On whether moving the zones will have a big impact on parking? I’m not so sure. We did a study a few years back - asking commuters how they got to the station and where they’d come from. The vast majority of drivers reported as having started their journey in Hampton. One even said they’d come from Ormond Avenue; a five minute walk away!

Hi Gareth,

I think South Western Railway will use any excuse just in case they might miss out, the reality is people do drive into Hampton from Sunbury or even further away and save quite a chunk of money doing so, they would be daft not to.  Doesn't this mean, in part, the Rail Operators old arguement of lost revenue falls a bit flat, they're not getting it anyway. 

We also did a study some years earlier than the one you mentioned, which not only looked at the parking issues around the Station but Hampton overall, and the reasons why. The results were quite interesting, yes there were a lot of bone-idle people who would drive 2 minutes and spend 15 finding somewhere to park, there were also far too many that needed to drive here simply to save money.  I don't expect it's much different now, every day the trains empty or fill at Hampton and the exodus begins.

We have friends who live up the line who have never ever considered getting a train from there, they always have and will use Hampton. As they say.... why sit on a filthy expensive train for longer than you have to!

Just visit the Wensleydale road / Gloucester road junction or pass down Ormond avenue on any weekend and you can see the difference in the amount of parked cars, its quite substantial, if a ticket scheme or charge was brought in for car owners who don't live in Hampton there would be more space, but Teddington would probably be gridlocked!

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