At 8.30 this evening I went for a short walk, met a younger person that has agreed to help me.  Another younger runner came along and we were standing well apart and talking.  A car pulled up, with a man wearing a protective face mask and wound down his window and said' you shouldn't be out we are all doing this for you'. My response was 'I am not in lock down yet and I have been careful' he muttered something else, not nastily but a point was being made. My response was 'I am only 55'.  The two young women I was talking to asked whether I knew him, no I didn't.

I have been socially distancing myself for over a week, I am 72 I don't see my grandchildren, my hands a red raw, but my point is someone, whom I didn't know needed to make a comment.  It wasn't nasty as I said, but it could turn out that way.  I thought the roads would be clear and so did the women I was talking to.

Just take care

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