Oldfield Road - Traffic Calming / Improved Pedestrian Crossing Points


Apologies I've been busy over the last few weeks (well when I say busy, I've been on holiday which wasn't really 'busy'!, anyway I digress....)

As promised I have (finally) managed to design a traffic calming scheme for Oldfield Road (East), hopefully you will be able to view it below. I would be interested to hear people's opinions on the design, I'm happy to make amendments obviously. If a general consensus is formed then I will send the plan to the local Councillors and LBR Transport Dept.

What do you think?

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Why not ban cars? You know "if the car travels at 30 mph then x pedestrians would survive a collision, if the car travels at 20mph then more pedestrians would survive etc etc.....

It would be cheaper than this 'option'....better still bring in a CPZ!

Apologies, I forgot to add 'constructive comments only'....

Lucky it's not your ball, no doubt you'd take it home if you didn't like someone elses view. Lighten up Murdoch, you asked for people's opinions and that was mine

Trevor me old fruit,  I'm as light as I could possibly be. Its Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and the weekend is looking like its going to be a corker!

Back on subject, you didn't actually give an opinion....apart from saying that you are less likely to get injured if you are hit by a slower vehicle, as opposed to a faster moving one. So I assume you agree in principle with this idea? 

No idea how a CPZ will improve safety and reduce speeds though, could you explain?



A CPZ would allow greater visibility to pedestrians and drivers alike, this is evident around Teddington station which was chocabloc before the introduction of the CPZ, nowadays it appears far more open and accessible because of the fewer parked cars, Oldfield Road is far too congested with parked cars, I would imagine the owners are commuters,and further hindered i'm afraid by the new development by the green.

Enjoy the sunshine:))

Looks good Murdoch. I like the idea of tightening the corner on Station road. CPZ sounds good. Not sure fast traffic is much of a problem on Oldfield Road, or this stretch of it at least. Station road is what needs the traffic calming.


Thanks for your response, thats what I meant by 'constructive' comments (still keeping hold of my ball though thanks).

There are two reasons why a CPZ wouldn't work in this situation:-

Firstly, I assume you are not a resident of Oldfield Road(E), Beards Hill or Rose Hill? Apologies if I'm mistaken. Trying to park at 10pm at night is as tricky as trying to park at 10am, yes commuters are a problem during the working day, but then its the residents with too many cars that cause the problem in the evenings (we have 2 cars). A CPZ would not solved this, residents would simply have to pay for a permit but still struggle to park.

And I 100% agree with you that the new development has had disastrous effect on the parking, I make it a net loss of around 15 spaces due to that development (loss of road side space due to driveways + additional cars parked on street).

Secondly, the recent addition of Manuel for Streets (a document that LBR refer to when approving highway designs) states that 'reduced visibility' can help to reduce speeds, as drivers drive with more caution when visibility is limited. Take the bend by the development as an example, only about 5% of drivers take the corner at a normal speed, most crawl round as they aren't sure what's coming. That 5% (boy racers/royal mail vans/cars trying to beat the level crossing) could be slowed by raising this section of road, this would give the added bonus of providing an easier crossing point for wheelchair users/pram pushers. Although I would say only 5% driver too fast round that corner, that percentage of drivers who go too fast (imo) increases down the straight section of road.




Thanks for your comments!

I'm still scratching my head over Station Road, obviously its hard to reduce speeds on such a main road, particularly one with a bus route (make that two bus routes). The only options I can think of at the moment are hideously expensive, now ive sorted an idea for Oldfield Road I'll try and focus more on Station Road.

Regarding the need for something in Oldfield Road, I've witnessed too many lunatics driving down there for my liking. Since the playground was introduced the amount of kids walking/cycling down this stretch has increased ten fold, I just can see it as an accident waiting to happen. 

Have a nice weekend Tim, thanks for responding.


Tim Bailey said:

Looks good Murdoch. I like the idea of tightening the corner on Station road. CPZ sounds good. Not sure fast traffic is much of a problem on Oldfield Road, or this stretch of it at least. Station road is what needs the traffic calming.

Minor point, but to what extent do you think people drive too fast as they turn into Oldfield Road? aka how important is it to tighten the corner? If and when I turn into Oldfield Road, I tend to do so rather gingerly because visibility is generally not great and you have only just gone/come out of/about to go by the Tudor Road junction.

Another minor point, do you have any sense what the costs of the changes would be? Might it be worth having an ideal solution and a "this is the bare minimum that I think is acceptable" solution? I know preparing the latter might reduce the chance of achieving the ideal, but at least it allows for options other than total success or total failure.

Thoughts well those tables will raise the noise levels of traffic, partially early when Royal Mail traffic hits them at 5am, most of Hampton will hear them crashing over each one.

Much like Station Road I can't see the council being keen since the average speed isn't likely to be high.


You make a valid point regarding costs! As I was drawing up the scheme I was thinking "no chance will the LBR fund this", but if you don't try, you don't get....

I'll might try and work up 2 more schemes, one being the cheapest option, and the other with all bells and whistles! Some people do enter Oldfield Road quickly Paul (not everyone can be classed as a safe driver), but I will be honest, the change to the radii was an after thought. If a raised entry were to be installed then why not decrease the radii to slow entry speeds by the playground. That was my thought process anyway.

Roger, not sure if the noise will be much more than it is now to be fair, one of the proposed ramps is right outside my bedroom window and I'm not concerned. 

Um I used to work for Royal Mail, not here But in wales.

A lorry full of carts with trays inside said carts, is a whole lot of rattling and banging.

At the moment its a smooth road, the raised sections are unlikely to slow the mail lorries much, but they will clatter and bang.

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