I know this is not possible and only a pipe dream, but I would love to be able to find the Bathroom Shop and Curves other suitable locations in Hampton and then bring back the Palaceum Cinema. It would be (in my dream) an art house cinema with a bar and a little restaurant. There would be events during the day as well as the evening and it would become a social hub. So calling all philanthropic multi millionaires out there...

Now back to the real world!

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One thought occurs, and it could provide useful data regarding the viability and potential unforeseen consequences of recreating a cinema here in Hampton.

You may be aware that The Rising Sun in Hampton Hill holds a twice monthly cinema night in their function room. Spaces are limited to 24 per screening and cost just a fiver to attend. Recently they had 12 Years a slave and upcoming films include The Wolf of Wall Street and The Dallas Buyers Club - so they're no slouches in terms of getting the big releases up and for a fraction of what you'd expect to spend at your local multiplex.

Now if a similar venue could be found here in Hampton you'd have the opportunity to gauge demand for some form of cinema presence as a regular feature - we know how popular the open air event is, but something on a fortnightly basis would give more of a picture. And of course some such event would give an idea on the likely impact on - wait for it...... - parking! It's a hot topic as we all know and would need factoring in to any planning application should a permanent site become available.

We're not short on venues within the village - but ones which have the required set up would be important. Don't forget the Rising Sun sells 24 tickets at a fiver a pop, so that's just £120 in ticket revenue - of course they don't have a venue hire cost and they make their money by having 24 punters in the bar that they wouldn't already have on a Wednesday evening. Perhaps worth while having a word with one of our publicans?

Upstairs at The Bell Inn?

I don't think anyone has suggested ejecting two businesses... in fact I specifically mentioned how good it would be if they could be relocated elsewhere. Personally I just don't like the multiplex cinemas for reasons stated earlier in this thread. The whole point of the Palaceum is that it would be returning it to it's original use.

I totally agree with Amanda. We are talking about bringing an arthouse cinema for discerning cinemagoers to the original building that housed the historic cinema of the 20s that once occupied the site. Both Curves and the Bathroom premises would be relocated. The latter building is on a 10 year lease which would need to be bought out.

The Odeon Kingston is a multiplex and is the opposite of what is needed in the village. Yes, of course it will take a lot of planning and the options will be numerous on how to proceed, but it can happen either as an independent cinema or as one owned by a arthouse cinema group: Picturehouse, Curzon or Everyman.

Nothing can replace the ambiance of a beautiful cinema housed in a building designed for showing films and for that purpose only.



Amanda, I can't agree more with your lovely idea/s, and you never know, your dream may come true one day.

I am trying to remember the beautiful very small, 60seats approx. only, theatre / opera house in Saint Petersburg, Russia which I went to. You buy your tickets, no seats are reserved, first come gets best seats basis! That was about ten years ago but probably still the same.

Your ideas remind me of the days when tea and scones were served at your seats in one or two of London's best theatres  at the interval in matinees in the 1950's.I do remember the day ( aged 7 or 8) that I spilt my tea over the fur coat of a lady seated in front of me much to my Mother's embarrassment. My Fathers advice was "don't say anything, she hasn't realised". Fathers advice in those days always was respected and obeyed!!

Keep up the brilliant ideas and threads,

Best wishes,..........

Excellent story!! And keep an eye open re the drinks ... It will be announced soon. They are not tomorrow as I expect you realise.

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