On a walk today  I noticed that parking is suspended from the police station and Curves (ie both sides of the road) to the bottom of Station Road from noon Saturday 10th November until noon Tuesday 13th November.  I rang the Council to find out why and nobody seemed to know, they might come back to me later.

We have a very big football match on Monday evening and already people are not being allowed to park in the Beveree, so putting more strain on those that live here to park, now with these restrictions in place it will be absolute mayhem

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I went for another walk and found one A4 notice explaining the restrictions 'To ease traffic congestion and allow access during an emergency'.  One presumes that is for the Monday night football game.  If so, is it really necessary to have the restrictions there for 3 days? The notices could go up now to say no parking there on the Monday 12th from say 5pm until 11pm, that will at least give the people that live there a chance to park at the weekend

Oh someone has tweeted it's for the broadcasting people.  Well done, why can't they turn up on the day?  I bought my house 19 years ago and it was a tiny football club, now I and my neighbours have to deal with all this

I frankly quite amazed at this post. First world problems eh?

Our local football team has worked it's way up to the FA rounds which we should all commend! 

Janice should they not progress; so you bought your house 19 years ago when it was a small football club. Did you honestly expect the club to stagnate. It's a brief inconvenience for those lucky enough to have cars. 


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