I have been inundated with messages about planes from a site called 'Next door' moaning about the planes, at first I thought 'how daft' but on thinking back over the last 5 days they have (planes that is) been bombarding us.  If I was trying to sell my house this weekend, I don't think I could have. All I know is that there are more planes than normal. my son said the same in West Molesey,. Why? many more than normal and for a longer time.  I know we have days on and off but this has been ongoing for 5 days, lack of sleep and continually noise is upsetting my state of mind.  When I moved into Teddington in 1978 I was not in a flight path, it has progressed, now in Hampton and it really is doing my head in

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15 mins to go before the night flights come in, maybe some sleep in between the 11.30 to 6am slot, that doesn't give me my 8 hours sleep time, and as well all know that apparently is the amount of hours we are suppose to sleep for wellbeing

Hi Janice

In recent years, there's usually been a peak in Heathrow Easterly operations around May (see this link), as a seasonal variation. I get the sense it's a little earlier this year, but I remember that this time last year was noticeable too. (It also doesn't help that it's coincided with nice weather when people want to sit outside.)

And yes, a lot people moaning on NextDoor.

May have been all Extinction Rebels returning home!

Well that's a thought lol

There haven't been more flights than normal.  Schedules are schedules and they don't put "extras" in.  It's just more noticeable with easterly winds and nice weather.  I`ve lived here for more than 30 years and they still largely follow the same trajectory around my house.

Sue C I hope you read the news today when they have declared more flights were put on this Easter and over this BH and because of all the things going on, half term, F1 etc they are going to increase the flights to 9,000 plus higher than the same time last year, so they do alter schedules.

Have you got a link to that please?  Or where I can read it?

BBC news yesterday and also on the news on the tv, I have searched and hope this works


Thanks for the link Janice.  It did work.  I don`t think that increase affects Heathrow though.  They`re talking about UK skies which probably means extra chartered flights from other areas.  There might be the odd executive jet from LHR but at maximum capacity there isn`t really room for any more. 

I am sure that they do if you had read this sentence

The UK's busiest airspace is over south-east England, where four of the country's five main airports are.

and of course there is always this, but I will leave it now as I said it was on the main news last night

"With many events coinciding at the end of May and in early June, it's important to realise the impact this will have on air traffic."

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