Teddington put up a complaint about the trial run ways.  Why isn't Hampton? The last three nighst we have had take off and landings. You only have to stand in your back garden to see this.  As for hearing they have been so low that I have had to turn up my tv.  Can we stand up against this as Teddington did?  When I moved into Teddington in 1978 I was not in an official flight path.  Now we are getting this in Hampton, last night was awful.  Tonight nearly as bad, but as I said, stand in your back garden and you will see landings as well as take offs, we have ever only got take offs on a sunny day with west wind, not now.

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yes. I wasn't really disagreeing with you. I just like the idea of my land extending to the periphery of the universe. It's such a beautiful thought.

oops mucked up the reply lol

Yes it is a lovely thought

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