I went to St Johns earlier this evening, really it was too crowded for me, but I left at least 2 metres in front of me, someone came up close from behind and coughed.  Pleasantly I asked him to stay back as I was vulnerable, he said you don't look vulnerable, my response was, I am old and I have two underlying factors, he stepped back, I needed to go out, having been indoors for a long time, nothing was nasty, BUT PLEASE keep your distance, don't assume that someone near you is 100%.

Also the patrons of the Worlds End followed government guidelines, I THINK NOT, the pub was packed last night to the brim, watch out Hampton, those idiots are doing everything they can to enjoy themselves and infect others

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You posted this on Saturday the pubs were not asked to close until Friday close of business.

I know, but the PM asked everyone not to go for their last drink in a pub, which I was referring to, not about the pub being open.  Everyone in there was touching someone else no safe distance, that's what the whole of the country, except for the idiots doing it, have asked us to do KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE.  I did say patrons and not the Worlds End not closing

We went for our exercise outing to Bushy Park, as part of our isolation.

Following the directive for Social Distancing and only going with one other person from your household it was astonishing how many people either don’t understand, don’t care or simply can’t read.

Walking to the park there were people riding on the pavements, charging past,

Politely reminding them of their responsibility to adhere to the distance directive only to be greeted with ‘There’s no need to say that’ or ‘You’re not gonna’ catch it from us’.

There are notices on the entrance gates headed SOCIAL DISTANCING, No Group Gatherings, Keep Social Distancing Stay 2 metres Apart.

It is extraordinary the number of individuals who think and behave as if this is a holiday. Runners just about missing you, conversations taking place with groups 2 metres apart, but not enough room to walk around them, so you wait until they see fit to move on, groups of adults (who you would think would know better) and groups of youths on bikes tearing around.

Grief what has happened to manners and consideration?

Bushy Park should be a place for everyone to enjoy, now it’s becoming almost ‘A No-Go’.

This Virus is bringing out the best in people and, sadly, the worst.

Below is an email reply to my wife from The Royal Parks

Following the Prime Minister’s latest address, our parks remain open for essential daily exercise, be that a run, walk or cycle. People are permitted to exercise once a day, either alone or with members of their immediate household, but all other gatherings in the parks of more than two people are banned and will be dispersed by the police. 

Social distancing, as set out by the Government, is absolutely crucial and people must stay at least two metres apart at all times. By following these rules – which we are making visitors aware of through a range of channels both online and in the parks themselves – we can keep London's parks open for everyone who needs them.

We have undertaken a series of measures to help protect park visitors. You can find out more about these here.

We believe strongly that having access to green space has never been more important than it is today for people’s physical and mental wellbeing, particularly for those without a garden. However, it is up to all of us collectively to adhere to the latest guidance, and if visitors do not do so, we will have to consider closing the parks. I would like to reassure you that we are keeping this situation under constant

It's total madness Ian, but you are limited to two if not from the same household, and you must be 2 metres apart, so if you are a family of 4 then that is ok.  Richmond Park has closed itself to cyclists because they wouldn't stay apart, these senseless people will stop it for everyone.  I am going stir crazy, venture out for a 5 min walk in the evening, I have a garden.  These idiots that do not obey the rules are stopping it for others who may well not have anywhere to get sun and air.  THINK OF OTHERS.

Whilst the majority of people have at last started to take the current situation very seriously there are a few, either out of choice or because of their employers, have little, if any, intention of exercising responsibility or consideration to the community and are putting their interests as precedence over the common good.

The photograph below is where a wretched developer's self interest is clearly greater than the wellbeing of the community, not only is it expected that people have to endure the nuisance of interminable grinding noises from the work whilst isolating at home, but Social Distancing is an issue, the workers are travelling to and from the development site on Alderson's, walking around our streets and using the shops still open.

The construction of what will be the ugliest building in and around Hampton is hardly Essential Work to anyone other than the developer. 

The Local Authority are powerless to do anything about it until a complete shutdown is in place, by then it may just be a bit too late for some.

What's going on?

It is appalling the self centred attitude and behaviour now being displayed by an ever increasing number of irresponsible people who will, without doubt, prolong and increase transmission of this disease. Clearly to halt this Virus those thoughtless and selfish enough to ignore the causes of spreading it, understand the message, Stay Away, Stay Home!

You're not being clever, exactly the opposite!

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