Please sign petition to help improve rail services from Hampton Station

I received this email today from the office of Vince Cable.  As you will read, only 480 people have signed this petition to date.  Please circulate to friends, family or other local community boards (if you participate) who are impacted by the poor service on the Shepperton Line.  Thanks in advance and let's make some noise! 

Dear Deb

Thank you for signing the Hampton Rail Service petition calling for South West Trains to improve the services they provide on the Shepperton Branch Line. 

I will shortly be presenting the petition to South West Trains.  I am pleased to report it has already received support from 480 other people who share your views.

However, I am very aware that the more people who sign the petition the stronger our message will be to South West Trains, so if possible please do mention the petition to other people, especially via Facebook and Twitter.   

This is the link to the petition.

It really is important that South West Trains are in no doubt as to how local people feel about their rail services.   As a train user myself I know only too well what commuters have to put up with far too frequently.

I thought I would also take the opportunity to report back on a number of local commuter issues that I raised at a recent meeting I held with Tim Shoveller, the Managing Director of South West Trains.

The key issue I raised was the delayed and haphazard introduction of the 10-car trains.  From what I was told, clearly there have been serious problems in bringing the new coaches into service.   

Sadly it seems the deadline for introducing the 10-car trains as a regular service on the Hampton and Kingston loops has slipped a year, until December 2015.

I also highlighted the issue of frequency and reliability of South West Trains on the Shepperton line.  One positive thing I can report is that South West Trains have now at least given an assurance that a review of train services is now taking place. 

The importance of expanding capacity to cope with growing rail demand, let alone deal with existing problems of overcrowding and delayed services has never been more important. 

With your help and support I will continue to fight to ensure that everyone in Twickenham, whatever the station and line they use, gets a better deal from South West Trains.

Thank you again for signing this important petition.

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