A note to record a change of moderation policy here at HPN in relation to events.

Our intention with the HPN site and Twitter feed is to focus closely on events and goings-on in Hampton and Hampton Hill. This means that in future we won't be approving events to appear in the Events listing that occur outside Hampton and Hampton Hill, or that don't otherwise directly relate to Hampton and/or Hampton Hill.

Obviously, this rule will have to be to implemented flexibly, but we want to put everyone on notice as to how we'll proceed in future. Existing events will be unaffected, and will progress through the listings until they pass into posterity.

Also, as a general policy we won't approve events for commercial businesses. Again, we will be flexible, and events with a charity or strong community element will be reviewed favorably (e.g. markets, Christmas fairs). We may look to sponsorship arrangements in future as the site expands, but we aren't offering advertising for now.

We're hoping that coming to the site will give a clear picture of what's going on in our corner of SW London, and that the above will assist in focussing our view. To that end, if you have an event coming up: post it.

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Does that mean we can still post for Hampton Market at Linden Hall? It supports micro businesses and a local charity, all within Hampton.
Yes. Thanks Sarah.

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