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The council has opened a consultation on creating a blanket speed limit across the borough of 20mph except on the A316 and A205 (Chertsey Rd and Upper Richmond Rd) to inprove safety.

Whilst I would welcome this on unclassified roads and other areas where there is a greater risk ie around schools and shops, I feel that it will have little effect on other A Roads, and motorists impatience will cause them to sit closer to the vehicle in front or overtake creating a greater potential for accidents to occur.

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Amended 20mph limit set to go to Scrutiny and Cabinet for approval

“An amended 20mph limit is set to be introduced in Richmond upon Thames, if the Council’s Scrutiny Committee, followed by the Cabinet, agree to the amended proposals. This follows a 12-week consultation held last year.

While opinion was split among the nearly 10,000 respondents on whether to implement the council’s 20mph proposal in its original form (47.9 per cent in favour and 49.7 per cent against), 52 per cent of respondents agreed that a 20mph limit should reduce the number and severity of road accidents. ...”

There is today a 'Public Announcement' of sorts on the LBRuT Community News about the 20 mph consultation.

It is in the form of a politicised video stating that the result was very close; no other useful information.

It would be democratic if the full and unabridged results were published.

The full details are found if you click through the press release link I posted, to the Cabinet meeting minutes. The link below should have the report and appendices.

Most interesting (and has got a lot of discussion on social media) is the ward-by-ward breakdown of results. See para 4.13 of the final report (link).

Local results - Agree / Neither / Disagree:

Fulwell and Hampton Hill 269 (50.6%) / 10 (1.9%) / 252 (47.4%)
Hampton 181 (36.8%) / 13 (2.6%) / 298 (60.6%)
Hampton North 103 (28.3%) / 9 (2.5%) / 251 (69.2%)

It would be more democratic if they had another consultation on the amendment.  Brexit had a close margin to leave and it went ahead, the borough had a close margin and that is being altered with no further discussion.  Also if 30mph is the law of the land how can certain places change that.  The A308 use to have a 20mph restriction which could not be enforced.

The Met Police will not enforce 20mph limits as they consider that the roads do not look like 20mph roads. 

However, 20mph limits are being rolled out up and down the country and before to long 20 will be the new 30...

I did an experiment today, I tried to reach the heady heights of 30 mph along Station Road, the highest I could get to was 28 and that was only for a few secs lol've probably proved then perhaps that was too fast!  I think it's more for those who see 30mph as a challenge and a right to do that and more, safe or not.
Janice Merritt said:

I did an experiment today, I tried to reach the heady heights of 30 mph along Station Road, the highest I could get to was 28 and that was only for a few secs lol

Out of interest, I recently estimated the speed of "keen" cyclists on some A roads on my bike using a GPS app on my phone, and they could easily travel at 30mph plus.

The problem I forsee is cyclists and moped riders undertaking and overtaking cars that they feel are going too slowly, leading to pedrestrians being caught out.

So for a 20mph speed limit to be effective, it will involve a major policing exercise, and someone to supply cyclists with speedometers.

Your estimate unless your following Froome/Wiggins etc is a tad off, most even keen cyclist will not pass 20mph unless they are working very hard, or being helped by gravity.

 In one of the curiosity’s of law bikes being not motor traffic aren’t subject to the speed limit’s on roads, only places are the royal parks using bylaws if memory serves.

other places have 20mph zones undertaking cyclists/moped doesn’t seem to be a pressing concern, at 20mph the average pedestrian will come of better than a cyclist, and still be potentially killed/serious injured by cars, so cars are still the main risk.

Ironically driving in a lower gear and constantly accelerating / decelerating for example approaching and leaving speed bumps (or traffic calming measures) causes more emissions and noxious gasses to be pumped out into the environment

I’d assume that there isn’t the budget to put speed bumps in every road in the area, rolling along at 20mph isn’t really that difficult nor I suspect much worse on fuel, my old Volvo chugs along fine though Richmond Park at 20mph fair enough autos are easier that way, but equally doesn’t really seem that much of problem.

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