Hi everyone. My husband and I and our 2 young children are moving to Percy Road. Could somebody recommend a good GP's practice in the area (particularly for the kids)?
Also can anybody tell me where the local health centre is where I can bring my 6 week old baby to see the Health Visitor for weight checks, developmental checks etc?
We're an Irish family so if there are any other Irish families out there please get in touch! Many thanks. Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

I recommend the Hampton Hill Medical Centre too. Although you do have to wait several weeks to get a routine appointment, if it is urgent you can nearly always get something on the day or a call back. Also for children they have never let me down, we have always been able to get in really quickly. 

The well baby clinic has moved to the new White House Centre, which is up by the small Sainsbury's, just off the Avenue.  The Norman Jackson Centre still exists, but the health visitors are at the White House Centre.


Totally agree with comments about HMC.

Dr Hinton is fantastic if you can ever get an appointment with him. Unfortunately  the ageing population seems to take up a vast number of appointments.

I have spent  hours sitting in the waiting room over the past 13 years with  very sick children ( to the point where one when seen was blue lighted to West Mid) feeling that it would be a miracle if  I left without contracting something.

Admin staff leave a lot to be desired. Whilst I acknowledge that it is a difficult job dealing with the public (especially if ill) they could do so much more if they were more approachable.

The practice is too big for it's own good-steer clear.

One of the reasons you never see the same doctor twice at HMC is because it`s a training practice. I`m thinking of switching to Hampton Hill Medical Centre (after the good reviews on here) but I see that`s also a training practice.  For those that are patients there, do you get to see your "own" doctor and have some semblance of a patient-doctor relationship?

I am with HMC and I recently had an appointment at Kingston Hospital, cardiology department, when I told them that I never see the same doctor nor have the subsequent check ups they said look for a 2 doctor practice, easier said than done.  I have now made an appointment - I had the cheek to make a double one much to the disgust of the receptionist - to see Dr Lewis to explain what the hospital had said and to see how he can possibly arrange for me to see the same doctor without waiting 3 weeks for an appointment.  When my heart rate drops it's now, not in three weeks.  I will report back !!!!!!!

No I hardly ever get to see my own doctor, not unless it is for exceptional reasons, but then she only works part-time so that might be part of the problem. I think if you had a serious and chronic condition you could get some continuity, but not as a 'normal' patient. This is at Hampton hill medical. They seem to have lots of locums there too.

Sue C said:

One of the reasons you never see the same doctor twice at HMC is because it`s a training practice. I`m thinking of switching to Hampton Hill Medical Centre (after the good reviews on here) but I see that`s also a training practice.  For those that are patients there, do you get to see your "own" doctor and have some semblance of a patient-doctor relationship?

I've been a patient at HMC for I can't remember how long - 20 years maybe?  I've heard good things about Hampton Hill surgery from friends who have switched after unhappy experiences at HMC.  Despite some niggles and a couple of 'what the hell' moments, most notably when I was pregnant, I stay at the practice because it's so nearby and with young children to get appointments for, drag along with me for my own appointments or to palm off on local friends while I go, it's easier when it's in walking distance.   Close proximity of key services can be a great advantage (and one of the reasons why I still like living in Hampton) and I figure that most doctors' surgeries are usually not devoid of some customer service issue/poor bedside manner/continuity problems.  There are a number of good, caring doctors at the surgery - my personal favourites are Dr Hinton (lovely with children and with my middle-aged doctor-avoiding husband!) and Dr Ghai (brilliant with women, pregnancy care, children).  However they are both part time so if you have a chronic or ongoing problem, you practically have to book your next appointment for several months hence as you leave the last.   If you need an urgent appointment, you can expect not to see the same doctor as last time, and you will have to call from 8.30am pressing redial til you get through.  I have only once been told there's no appointment that day, however, and for children they tend to expedite.   there are a couple of doctors I wish to avoid seeing there since I have had bad experiences with them (one of them a partner!) and on asking who I'll be seeing, and discovering it is one of them, I have always been offered someone else when I refuse to be seen by them!   

True, you don't have your 'own' doctor at HMC - but it can be possible with some planning, to allocate yourself a preferred doctor, my husband only sees Dr Hinton for longer term health issues, and I tend to see Dr Ghai myself and either of them for my children.   If it's an emergency or sudden illness, well, I accept it could be a locum or different doctor.  Not having to drive to the doctor's is a compensation. And sometimes seeing someone new can bring a fresh perspective -  in fact it's been a locum doctor at my old practice in Tudor Road, and a locum at HMC who provided me with very welcome and constructive referrals that I hadn't been offered before.

Interestingly, the partner I had such a bad experience with, is very much liked by many friends I speak to, whilst other friends are not at all surprised by my story of this particular GP.  Just goes to show how variable perceptions of medical practice can be.

I agree the reception staff, with the exception of one very helpful lady, could be a lot better.  In fact one of my poor experiences when pregnant was entirely caused by a receptionist.   Not sure this is much different at other surgeries though.....


My husband recently had a good experience recently with an on-the-day appointment with a GP he'd not seen there before, where a separate potential health issue was picked up by her and was followed up several weeks later - continuity can happen at HMC, though it may seem rare.


Interesting what Sue C mentions about training practices.  


It is great to see that Cllr Samuel is supporting the work of the Hampton and Hampton North Working together group. They along with Cllr Thornton and Cllr Day have already spoken to the Local NHS Commissioner, and it has been agreed that their will be new services brought into the area of Hampton north. The council officers have also agreed with them that a new purpose built health building will be built as well. Anyone wishing to know more should contact the Hampton and Hampton North Working together group, either through the White House Community Centre or Cllr Darren Thornton.
Samantha Gore said:

Councillor Samuel is talking to the local NHS commissioner in February to see if there is the possibility of a Doctor's surgery north of Broad Lane, anyone interested should contact Councillor Samuel cllr.GSamuel@richmond.gov.uk

I can vouch for the surgery at 71 Broad Lane ... as Paul says you have to be persistent at 0830 if you want an appointment on the day but they do sort it ...

Been with HMC for fifteen years and superb
The majority of the doctors are great
The nurses rock
Never had any issues

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