Please could the person/s who put up the red poppies now take them down please.  It's way past the 11th November and we are in Christmas mode now.  Thank you

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I didn't realise that the poppies were put up by an individual; just assumed it was the council. They looked great, an excellent idea. Thanks, Mike. My son was very impressed with your bike on Sunday, too!

Mike Hollis said:

Well got to say that i am the guilty one

I was going to remove them after the Hampton have had their parade on Sunday.

they will be coming down Monday sometime.

Always remember what ever time of the year it is as if it wasn't for the people those Poppies stand for 

you probably wouldn't be celebrating Christmas.

Anybody wanting to have a comment feel welcome to come and see me on Sunday where i shall have my charity motorcycle on display outside Terry's shop, next to the pet shop.

I shall be collecting for BLESMA The limbless veterans charity

Love to all


I miss the poppies! Thank you for brightening up the village, Mike.

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