This from the Richmond Council website, in case you'd not seen it:

Refuse and recycling
All refuse and recycling services have been suspended until further notice due to icy pavements with staff diverted to gritting pavements. Updated information on recommencement of collection services will be available periodically.

The Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience and to reassure customers that services will be resumed as soon as possible after a delay. It is not possible to say when services will be back to normal, because this depends on the weather in the coming days.

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...and judging by the number of bins/crates lining the roads this morning, Richmond Council have not advertised this fact any other way - perhaps assuming that everyone has access to t'internet to check this sort of thing. It is also not clear how they will inform us when services will be resumed, other than via their website.

I might let my neighbours know tonight if their bins are still out, especially as high winds are forecast, which may result in paper/cardboard blowing up and down the road as well as snow and ice.
Don't rush to tell them, Clive, the lorries are out in Hampton as I type.
Well that's good, although maybe not so much for those of us who thought to check their website and believed them, and didn't put their bins out. The site still says "no collections".

Aye, my bin bags have gone. Recycling still there but that's a different lorry

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