Apologies to anyone who like me got a message today from a new member seeking a good relationship. We do seem to get this sort of spammer from time to time and as soon as I become aware of their activity I suspend them. So if you got an inappropriate email just delete it and if you see anyone engaging in spamming activity, just send me a message to alert me. (also if anyone wants to join the HPN team and volunteer to be a site administrator so they can eject the spammers yourselves immediately, just let me know). 

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Sorry but was it a spam or possibly a person looking for a local relationship?  I am not trying to be controversial here, but people may think you could possibly ask on here if anyone is interested.  A lot of people are lonely. Are there any set rules as to what one can do or not do? and if so maybe there should be an agreement one has to agree to first.  These are general and serious questions. Maybe a new 'group'where people could join in and talk to people who are solo, a suggestion no more

Well, of course, people can join and then ask other people in the community whether they want to meet up and start a relationship - relationships are good :-) But if the first thing someone does when they join is to send lots of messages to other members with whom they have had no kind of interaction saying I want a relationship with you, it begins to look as if they are not just seeking a companion but may have other motives.

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