Last night I put out one white carrier bag (as I live on my own and late collection last week) I put it in an obvious place and yet it was not collected. I rang the Council today to see if it was mandatory to put into a black bag and was told that it was (where does it say so in all their notes to us?).  Everything is collected by colour. I explained that it cost me money to put into a black bag and the fact that two plastic bags were going to a landfill seemed ridiculous. She said that's how it has to be although I did point out they have eyes they can see it is household rubbish.  I then went and ordered a new black box as the dustman have completely smashed up my one and asked who collected the old one.  No it is not collected when they drop off new one.  On asking what do I do with said black bin  I was told to put into a black bag as they do not recycle the coloured bins.  So in seven days I have used a black plastic bag that wasn't necessary and now the black PLASTIC bin is going to the landfill as well.

Why do I bother to recycle when the Council doesn't?  I think I might just go back to using black bags for everything (joking) because at the end of the day if the Council doesn't do it why should I?

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I had to contact the council last night regarding the recycling collections. Our food rubbish bin has failed to be emptied 2 weeks in a row now, the thing will end up crawling away by itself soon with the amount of rotting food in it. Also Our paper bin wasn't emptied yesterday either.

Sometimes I wonder myself if it might just be better to dump the whole lot into sacks and let the rubbish men take it. The council are quick to preach and tell us what we should be doing but the service is terrible.

Regarding your smashed black recycling bins, we had to have a new one and the guys who delivered it took the old one without being asked. Hopefully the same might happen with yours.

To be fair, whenever I have reported a missed collection (it was the food waste bin last week) via the waste had been collected the next day. I think they say it'll be within two days.

It does seem a little odd if damaged recycling containers, themselves made from recycled and recyclable materials, are sent to landfill. 

Well my new bin arrived this morning and yes I was lucky they took the broken one away.  Well done.  The only thing is that it's a different shape so blue box wont fit inside of it, which is a shame as I like to put them all inside each other and then hide them

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