In the off chance that folks aren't aware there is a bike ride using closed roads roughly the same route as the Olympic Road race, the issue being that being a closed road event will impact the travel around here.


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Not since 1937, Bill  :)

As an aside, I missed the cycle racing as we were on holiday, and after two weeks driving in Sicily I can report that despite the odd "idiot" road user (whether motor-or human powered) around here, we do pretty well. In our two weeks we witnessed regular extreme tailgating (scooters/cars/lorries driving literally inches from the vehicle in front, often at speeds in excess of 80mph) including by a police vehicle in one instance; mass reversing along all three lanes of a motorway around a bend and back to the previous junction to avoid a minor traffic jam, whilst the police looked on; someone executing a three point turn in the middle of a busy three lane roundabout to drive off the roundabout against the traffic, and the exciting experience of being overtaken whilst overtaking someone else on ordinary "A" and "B" roads - which was fairly standard practice! This, in addition to the general weaving of scooters through traffic, cars pulling out from any direction without pausing, indicating or looking, and pedestrians blithely stepping off the pavement into the road without warning (or looking), means I have readjusted my views on the quality of road users in the UK!

Bill Rosborough said:

Others, including Ian, might like to remember thats its "the smelly cars" road tax that finances the roads.

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